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So, I did it. At five thirty Wednesday morning, I was up leaning over a crib singing Happy Birthday to a sleeping baby who had no idea that I was there, which is as it should be. That is when it happened. God gave me one answer to one of the million questions that I have.

I found the reason for my unanswered prayer.

This past week I relived every moment of one year ago. It started with what I was doing the days before she was born, what I did the night before she was born, the start of labor, the trip to the hospital, the delivery room and her birth. Then at five thirty in the morning, it all stopped. There were no more memories to relive. At that moment all I had was right then - that moment - no past and no future - there was only pure happiness and relief. A burden instantly lifted. The hard year ended.

So my birthday princess had one great day of celebrating. The grandparents came over for lunch.

The boys gave Ivey presents that they picked out all on their own for her. And wouldn’t …
HaPpY bIrThDaY



On the morning she was born the Angels sang.
The sun came up on a whole new world.
God smiled. One year later He is grinning!

Do It Right

Two weeks ago Knox asked me to tell him about when he was a baby. He continues to ask daily and I continue to tell him, each time I can remember a little more that I had somehow forgotten. He wants to know about being in my belly down and when he was born. It fascinates him. I like telling him his story-it makes us both smile.

I would be lying if I said that the past two weeks have been anything but perfect. Maybe that is why I have been so hesitant to post anything. Ivey has turned a corner with drastic changes, for crying out loud, she had a surgery on Friday the 13th and made it home by two o’ clock in the afternoon. It can not get much better than that. (Especially with our track record.) So, how in the world could I find something to worry about?

I’ll explain.

I think it all started with the realization that one year had almost come and gone while I just hovered above watching the person who was supposed to be me live my life. Is that possible? Then I remembered the real reason t…

Chosen Brave Souls

It has been 359 days.

In less than one week, Ivey will turn one. Wow. You all know her story.

It has been 11 months, 3 weeks and 4 days. During that time, a world of people have emerged. People who have courage and guts that most of us could never fathom. These extraordinary people come in the forms of infants and children. These sweet little ones are also surrounded by insurmountable towers of bravery…their parents.

One such parent, via the internet, took Ivey in to her heart also. Her own daughter has withstood heart surgeries and more. The mom’s name is Heather. And during some of the hardest times, Heather left encouraging words to help push Ivey and our family through. When you look at this blog, you see her work. She sweetly created the look of this page and all of its colors especially for Ivey, because she wanted to, nothing in return.

I know Heather's story because of our daughters' miracles. In the past couple of weeks, I have come to know her new personal story through …

She smiled

as the anesthesia began to wear off. I think that says it all. Her surgeon did a great job. Ivey is always in good hands with him. Ivey also had a MRI, but it will take some time before we know the results. She is home!!

Here she is before, after and today. Ivey looks great today and she is in a fantastic mood. All she needs now is Tylenol an antibiotic and don't forget the welcome sleeves. She will wear the sleeves for a week or two (probably two) to keep her hands from her eye. The lid and lashes are out.

Thank you everyone for all of the thoughts and prayers. We could not do this without them. They make her stronger. Oh, and a special thank you to G&G, dinner was delicious.

Before surgery

The drive home from Scottish Rite

Saturday morning nap

Ivey's Little Piggies

Ivey is still in surgery. We are anxiously waiting.
Stacy took these sweet pictures yesterday during pre-op.

Needless to say, this surgery should be no big deal. That is what I keep telling myself. However, it is 11:58 PM, I am still awake and our night nurse has been here for two hours. Tomorrow Stacy and I will travel with Ivey to Scottish Rite for preop with the plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist. Is that normal? It seems like it should be; however, my gut just won't let it be normal. To be honest, I am in a panic. Just ask Tasha or Lowery...they both got an ear full whether they asked for it or not...thank God for FRIENDS. For the first time I have not over planned. No plans. They said it would be outpatient and that is exactly what I am counting on.... I kept looking at Knox tonight. He has beautiful big blue eyes. If you told me I had to hack on his eye in 24 hours I would put up one heck of a fight. However, it seems okay with Ivey. So why am I not putting up the big fight?

So, Stacy and I will take Ivey tomorrow for the once-over and to make sure that she receives the proper amo…

A Boring Week?

I was ready to send out a great update, but it seemed like things were a little too boring this past week. Here are some random things that have taken place over here......

It is sometimes hard to imagine that our three children came from the same two parents. You would think they would have more similarities, not so much. Knox is our typical first born. Matt swears that his idiosyncrasies come from me, I beg to differ. If he looks like Matt bore him into this world (with the exception of blonde hair) surely he must act like him too. Ivey is her own little bundle of sweetness and apparently she got a double dose of hard-headedness and determination from both Matt and I. Just yesterday she jumped a few more hurdles. During her PT session she managed to cross mid line (reaching her hand to opposite foot), a goal that eleven months ago would have not been considered a possibility for her. So there worst case scenarios - she is out to prove everyone wrong! Maybe her new theme song should b…

St. Piux

There were a few posts over the past couple weeks that might have been a little more than what you asked for. Let me explain. Two weekends ago, Father Peter asked that I give testimony at an event walking through the Stations of the Cross in preparation for the events of Easter. Some of you may remember Father Peter, if not go HERE to recall his role in Ivey’s life. This brief introduction in a restaurant has proven for some very pivotal moments in the past eleven months. No need to explain the subject or content of the testimony. It is all here, for the most part.

The Via Cruscis was a very powerful day. I had the honor of meeting several people with their own personal challenges that represent the cross that they carry-every moment of every day. Everyone had their own unique path of suffering----suffering meaning trials or hardships.

I fear public speaking as much as the next person, but it was somewhat liberating to speak aloud the events of the past year and the hardships that we w…

Movin on to our place in the sun

If March marches in like a lion….aggressive… did Ivey during March. For now it is official, a page has turned, a chapter ended and book snapped closed. Whoooo-Hooooo. Bring on April.

With that, I am borrowing a song from one of my favorite people - Bev at Blessed Beyond Measure. I figure a little bit of Stevie or Ray Charles is good for Ivey's soul. Honestly, it is a song that I have on my Ipod. Ivey and I listen to it…OFTEN. Ivey has a great play list.

Back to March, our sweet baby girl leaped and bounded through the month. She packed on one whole pound. After five long months of nothing - no gain - she just up and did it. Something clicked in that little body of hers. She started rolling from her stomach to her back. And, she is persistently trying to roll from her back to her stomach; however, a trach and G-tube seem to just get in her way. Ivey is handing out smiles without coaxing. She recognizes and knows her name when she hears it. She is spring feverishly gitty. She is d…

A thinking award

Who would have thunk it?

Katherine at Raising Fivehas passed this along to me (A THINKING BLOGGER AWARD). Sweet Ivey got her thinking today. I always love reading her posts. To start with, Katherine has five children, not so much aspiring for THAT goal at the present time; however, I admire her for her family values and limitless abundance of patience. It is a hoot to keep up with her. She has one great adventure after another each and every day. She keeps things short, sweet and to the point. She is a genuine and real person.

Katherine has explained that the idea is to Pay it Forward to 5 people who have made you THINK through their blogging.This award has some rules:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme
3. Optional: Proudly display the Thinking Blogger Award with a link to the post you wrote.

There are several blogs that I love to read. Some I read for f…