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Movin on to our place in the sun

If March marches in like a lion….aggressive… did Ivey during March. For now it is official, a page has turned, a chapter ended and book snapped closed. Whoooo-Hooooo. Bring on April.

With that, I am borrowing a song from one of my favorite people - Bev at Blessed Beyond Measure. I figure a little bit of Stevie or Ray Charles is good for Ivey's soul. Honestly, it is a song that I have on my Ipod. Ivey and I listen to it…OFTEN. Ivey has a great play list.

Back to March, our sweet baby girl leaped and bounded through the month. She packed on one whole pound. After five long months of nothing - no gain - she just up and did it. Something clicked in that little body of hers. She started rolling from her stomach to her back. And, she is persistently trying to roll from her back to her stomach; however, a trach and G-tube seem to just get in her way. Ivey is handing out smiles without coaxing. She recognizes and knows her name when she hears it. She is spring feverishly gitty. She is desperately trying to sit-up. Ivey found her own tiny little toes and loves them. (The catch to her toes: Her muscle tone is high. Nonetheless, we are working her little body. Not until this month could her body bend so that she could touch her hands to her feet. As you all know, most babies just do this, they are like rubber bands. Not Ivey, she started out in this life like a tree trunk. It took Ivey A LOT of hard work.) All around - she is mentally and physically stronger.

Ivey is learning to play. She is recognizing more people. It is amazing to witness. Ivey’s little hands feel their way around your face and eventually she figures out what makes us all different from one another. When she touches my face, she feels my nose and mouth then goes for my hair. She loves when Matt does not shave. Ivey goes for my mom's glasses. She loves my dad’s mustache. The boys do not stay still for me to figure what she likes most about how they feel. This past weekend Ivey found Mandy’s hoop earrings….almost yanked them from her ears. She is persistent. Ivey has a blue elephant that is her favorite toy. She will manipulate the elephant until she finds the trunk, then she chews on the trunk. I wish you all could be here to watch her progress. It is amazing.

Next time I want to tell you about my past weekend. It was truly a mile marker in my own life. In the meantime, I hope you all thank God for any hardships you have in your lives. It is our scars that make our journeys liveable. BATTLE WOUNDS. Seriously, how great was learning to ride a bike, despite the scraped knee? Tomorrow is Maudy Thursday. God Bless. If you are looking for something good to read…go HERE


Willingham13 said…
Way to go Ivey! We are so proud of the milestones you have accomplished. Keep marching on princess!

Sending all of our love,
Morgan, Monica and Haven
Connie Barris said…

as you are describing this I remember my embrace with Ivey. I remember how she used her hands and her face to meet me. It was the sweetest experience I had encountered because I knew that her precious soul was in it. There were no distractions.

When you meet Ivey, it is just you and she.

You taste the breath of an Angel.

Thank you again for sharing

Blessings to your family

Renee said…
Gwen, I love how you have captured Ivey's milestones without missing a beat! I wish I had been that on top of things when our second son was born, but I'm afraid I wasn't. I have pictures to remember most by, and I remember my husband and I sharing tears for what would be simple accomplishments for our other sons. You do an excellent job of relating to us how Ivey is jumping through hurdles. The way you describe how she feels different things on different people is very sweet. May God continue to bless your journey with this sweet little girl.
I loved coming over here and hearing this song playing. Sarah talks of Ivey like she absolutely knows her, and I think her heart does. Hopefully you'll get to meet face to face someday. xoxoxo
erin said…
That is so wonderful!! Yay, Ivey!!! I am so proud of her! What a great month!
JenMom said…
Great job, Ivey! Ivey is charting her own course. What a strong, brave little girl. I am blessed to be part of her cheerleading section!
All I could think to say was "Thank you, Jesus" for Ivey's progress and for rewarding her sweet committed Mama with such treasures to watch in her. And thank you, Gwen, for sharing Ivey's milestones so we can root for her and then celebrate her accomplishments with you!
Slim said…
Hooray for Ivey!

Thank you for sharing her progress. It is so good to come here and read how well she is progressing.

I too remember meeting Ivey and her precious hands on my face an on my lips. I admit I cried. Tears of sheer joy. Tears of absolute gratitude to God.

Thank you for allowing me to experience that.

Love as always,
Barbie said…
What an encouraging post! Ivey is sure one strong little girl, in more ways then one. How I wish I could see first hand her feel her way around someone's face. That must be precious to see.

May you and your family have a blessed Easter!
Linda said…
I am so glad that Ivey is doing good. Her birthday will be here before you know it!!

By the way, Happy belated Easter!

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