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We made it through the night with out further seizures. She slept most of the day yesterday, which is typical. Of course, she played all night last night.

This marks the third time ever that Ivey seized and did not take a trip to the ER. Thanks for the prayers.

You never get 'used' to it...

So we wait, which has become part of this crazy new normal that we have been living for the past few years. Honestly, I am tired of the waiting game, but we can we do? Now it is 11:30 pm and I am trying to decide if I should try to nap or stay awake. Meanwhile Matt is busting it to get work done because he suspects what the night is most likely to be like too. Just another part of our normal.

Ivey had two seizures tonight within about fifteen minutes of one another. Her Diastat has been administered. So now we wait. Normally three to four hours pass and then the next bought of seizures begin. They last until we get her to the ER and begin an IV regimen of anti-seizure medications. That on average takes right at an hour - seizure included. Imagine a seizure lasting an hour.

Just days before Christmas Ivey had a round of seizures. That night we made two trips to the ER, the second being transported via ambulance.

So now we are waiting. Thank goodness Camille is here, Ivey's nurse. Awes…

this is just too much fun...

Send your own ElfYourselfeCards


Send your own ElfYourselfeCards

Santa with a Twist..

Christmas with our friends at BEGIN .... Center for the Visually Impaired in Atlanta

Last week I was plowing through the mall with Walker and Knox. While rummaging we ran into someone I have not seen in years - who I guess you would say "watched me grow up". It's always funny to see those people who remember the golden days and then watch their face when they see me in tow with three children. I get the same eery feeling every time I see one of my former students getting married - or for Heaven's sake having a baby themselves. It only means that I am aging too. Ugg.

Anyway, she asked the boys what they wanted from Santa - Knox is tried and true, wants the exact same three things every time; Walker, on-the-other-hand, just can't seem to want the same things, there's something new every time. Let's hope Santa is a mind reader come Christmas morning....

Well, Ivey was not with us. So she looks at me with this perplexed look, lowers her voice and asks, "How…