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The stages of acceptance into this world that Ivey brought us into has come in many forms.  Sometimes it has been an easy journey to accept this life.  Other times it has been excruciating, on many levels that I guess it would be best to equate to the various levels purgatory.  And still there are parts to this life yet to be accepted.  Of course a lot of time is spent in denial.  And another part of the time is spent in this place with no name.

The years pass.  There are some things that become easier.  There are some things that everyone else thinks should become easier.   And then there is reality.

You find your stride.  You pick your battles.  You make your amends.  You watch others in wonder and in wanting.  Somethings never get easier no matter how much time passes.  Somethings you accept will always find their way to break your heart no matter how much you rejoice in your now.

Then comes the things that you don't expect.  Time is always an issue. Somewhere in there you w…