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Fish Out of Water

After three years we have found out we are raising fish - out of water. She loves it, loves it, loves it. If only you could see the great big smile on her face in the videos. She is in her happy place! I think our goals to teach Ivey to anticipate events about to happen to her are pretty much shot while at the pool. Her goal is to expect virtually anything .......especially when her brothers are involved. Video of Walker dunking Ivey coming soon --

My Great Dad -

One Princess Ivey + Two Brothers + One Nephew --------------------------- One Gran-Gran with his hands full.

I may be a hippie after all

Maybe I should have titled this "So YOU think it's a luxury do you? Just try being Ivey for a day - buddy!!

Okay - I've been on this soapbox before but this time I am seriously aiming to do something about it. My hubby thinks I may 'have a point' but that thus is the ways of the world. Maybe so, maybe so, but get ready because when I get on my box, oh boy.

So here is my plan - do I have any takers before I get started??

I need volunteers. Good ones. Ones who don't mind showing off their disABILITIES. Basically blatantly obvious. I mean that with utmost respect remember my daughter is blatantly obvious.

Anyone willing to become a hippie with me will work just fine. We are going to silently protest --

Now I know it is sufficatingly hot in Georgia right now, but all the better because we have some doozies out there to rattle and shake. We need to attack on a hot miserable day to better prove our point.

Here's what we are going to do. We are going to get someone to…

Do You Believe Me Now?

This was sent to me via email. I couldn't resist sharing it. Thank you Kathy -

During Jimmy Wayne's free concert at the Country Music Hall of Fame he called a girl up to the stage whose father won a trip to Nashville to meet Jimmy Wayne at the event. It seems she told Wayne that she could sing when they met backstage earlier so he wanted to put her on the spot and give her the opportunity of a lifetime. He brings her up, introduces her to everyone and acts like she's a huge celebrity about to start her own concert.

Click here - It's worth the time => Do you believe me now?

Guilt 101

I often wonder if the guilt of Ivey's differences will ever truly go away. No matter what, they have a way of looming and making themselves present even in the best of situations. Last week I spent the best four days at the beach with my boys. With a lot of love and help from my parents and aunt and uncle and a lot of love and encouragement from my awesome husband, the boys and I headed to the beach to just be. In other words, we went while Matt and Ivey stayed here. Our intentions were to give the boys some much needed time to be boys – with no grueling schedule – no 'wait a minutes' – no 'let me get the feeding pump' – not even a bedtime. And that is just what they did- and more. They got to be themselves, come first for a change and have their mama uninterrupted. In the meantime, Ms. Ivey got her Daddy to herself for the first time ever. I know they had their own fun, a lot of snuggling and even time at the pool together. Needless to say, everyone got a little o…

The Big Transition

The big transition is final. Of course you have no idea what I am talking about, but let’s just say after several months of worrying it’s a done deal. It’s one of those things that you hear other parents talk about, stress about and complain about…it seems that it never works out to their liking (for the most part), or it is just downright brutal and a fight.

That’s what happens with other people. Not Ivey.

Ivey’s first IEP is official. She transitioned out of Babies Can’t Wait, thank you Ms. Becky, and merged into the Floyd County School System with a perfect landing.

If you are unfamiliar with IEP’s – go here:

Transition is a tough process. Trust me on this one; we have done a lot of transitioning in the past three years. When Babies Can’t Wait came into our home after Ivey’s birth – there was some serious transitioning. To start with, I sat in a room full of very caring people who asked questions, gave information and e…


Hello summer!
Finally, summer is here! This week has been great – routine of having no routine. It is especially great after the hustle and bustle of the past few weeks. So much has been happening 'round here..
It's funny how when change happens – it happens it one swoop. And change can be so hard, but based on the past, doesn't necessarily mean bad, just new. Ivey has really made me cling to things over the past three years. Maybe if I cling hard enough things will stay right where they are, but we all now that will never happen. But everyone needs to say congratulations to Christa. She now has a new job which means her time with us is much shorter. All of this happened last week and I already miss her. I think I might be worse than a mom when it comes to letting her spread her wings and move on. She has been with us for so long, she is like an adopted daughter. She is the person that I have been able to depend on over the past three years with Ivey, and she has been with u…

Long Branch Lakes

The First Official Curl Trim

The first curl...

The new look....coming soonThank you M.!