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McHenry handicap accessible playground - pictures

November hasn't been completely surrounded by surgery.  Not quite.  Many of Ivey's supporters hopped online for a couple of weeks voting for her school to win a grant from Pepsi.  And win they did, first out of hundreds.  The playground was installed and due to Ivey's surgery being postponed for a week, she got to participate in the fantastic ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

Our entire community came together for this project and then they went out and recruited from other states and countries.  Mrs. Pryor was the engine behind the entire project and everyone owes her their thanks for seeing a need at the school and taking her own action on it. 

Personnally we would like to thank Knox and Walker's school, the entire campus from seniors to pre-k, for getting behind the playground.  I want to thank the Lower School for supporting Knox and Walker. Thank you to the Upper/Middle School for keeping information up on the school's webpage. 

The school's mission statement s…


It astonishes me what amazing things Ivey's little body endures on a daily basis, let alone what she triumphs over on a grander scheme.  Sometimes sitting in the doctors' offices I have to look at her body to remember all of the procedures, medications and trauma that are filed away in each and every scar on her sweet little body.  Locked away in those scars that she physically carries are memories that only her daddy and I can recount on a very sacred level.  They hold treasures that are culminating two boys - her brothers.  Not many people understand the true beauty of her scars.  No matter, that's what they are ..... beautiful.

It takes a very strong person with a deep since of self to carry such scars.  And she smiles as she tells her story about each and every one, without ever uttering a word.

True Beauty is this...

Monday night before the surgery we took a 'few' pictures of Ivey and the boys.  Pre-surgery pictures ..

 Walker 'signing' his name sign t…

Saturday - Game day battle....

Ivey was discharged yesterday!  She had a great night, Mrs. Stephanie was here --- so we all had sleep. 

She looks much, much better today.  The swelling has gone down a little and she is in a GREAT mood.  Tylenol is holding her, which amazes me. 

The boys came home this morning and seemed pretty non-phased by Ivey and her swollen and bruised appearance.  A good thing, I think. Sometimes it takes them a little time. I did take them for some hot-chocolate and they voiced a few questions, mainly concerning the incision and stitches... and went on their way.  And now they are getting down to business with the Georgia - Auburn game.

Settling down from an emotional roller coaster is always hard - but we do it- together .....we are truly blessed by wonderful family and friends.  One of those friends gave the blood that went to Ivey during her transfusion during the surgery.....And now  Ivey now has some Auburn blood flowing through her veins.  Literally.  So I wonder if that blood is urgi…


Still in the PICU today - but it sounds like we will be moving out onto the floor soon.  Ivey had a really rough night.  Her morphine was bumped to every hour and still she was hurting and restless.  She would doze for fewer than ten minutes at a time.  The swelling has increased immensely and the bandages have been removed.  It is hard to imagine how she will look once the swelling subsides.  They prepared us best they could for her appearance and honestly I thought I had this under control.  After all, she was swollen after the trach once upon a time - and I honestly thought that had subsided the shock value of seeing her sweet face swollen.  This is much different. 

Nonetheless, she is doing well today.  Pain has been better.  And she made it through a surgery that as the neurosurgeon said 'will not be a cakewalk for Ivey'.  She did it.  And we can exhale - a little - for now.

Q-Tip Turban

(We were told when she came out of recovery that she would look like she had a Q-Tip on her head...)

Ivey had a semi-restful night.  We kept the pain medication pumping every two hours.  Around 4 am the swelling started setting in - there will be alot of swelling for many days.  We still have not seen her incision -

Last night she was a little upset and signed "Ivey" and I signed back "Momma's beautiful girl" and she settled.  She settles to Matt's kisses.  During the night she even instigated a game of 'patty-cake' and played with her music cube.  Ivey's music cube is the equivalent to Walker's bear blankie - it's her snuggie. 

She is resting now - I'll update everyone today as I find out more from the surgeons after their rounds. 
The next several days are going to filled with pain and confusion for Ivey - so keep her in your prayers. 

She is a trouper - we have seen that throughout her years; however, we have a new little tidbi…

Two hours in -

Ivey has been back in the operating room for about an hour.  The pacu nurse has called and said Ivey went under just fine and that the neurosurgeon has completed his portion of the surgery. 

The nurse will call every hour and keep us updated. 

That girl of ours is a trouper.  More strength in her little finger than in Matt and I combined - guess somewhere in there she got the best of both of us.  Plus the touch of angel's wings.

Well.....change that....Dr. Reisner just left the room.  He has finished his portion of the surgery and cranial facial is working on her now.  Things are going very well.  She did get the blood transfusion at the beginning of the surgery.  one down - one to go - i'll update you soon.


Well we have made to today. And I hope before today is complete there will be some great pictures of McHenry's ribbon cutting for the handicap playground.  But if time runs out - I'll get them up soon.  Much to do today.  But if I don't make it back here - remember tomorrow is surgery day for Ivey.  A big day.

The broken curse

The curse is broken.

Each October since 2006 the Sirmans' house has been under a fog of non-fun Halloween events resulting in Ivey at Scottish Rite or in full seizure --- But the house has finally slammed down on the wicked witch and severed her legs...and the curse is broken here on the other side of the rainbow.

Finally. Exhale.

It only took 4 ½ years……….

The first year she was many miles away in Atlanta with a new tube in her throat – boys here.

The second year she pulled out her mic-key button- again landing us many miles away in Atlanta-boys here.

The third year she was home with seizures – boys trick or treating with Ava.

The fourth year she was the cutest kitty cat in the neighborhood (along with Ava)  with a guardian ninja and football player to protect her and a bunch of friends surrounding her – with a bag full of candy that won’t quite fit in that tube of hers…..lucky she has brothers….or is it the boys that are lucky? Either way we have a boat load of candy…that momm…