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McHenry Primary Handicap Accessible Playground

This is it!  The last day to vote for Ivey's school, McHenry Primary, in its request to win a $25,000 grant from Pepsi for a handicapped accessible playground. 

Click here to watch Ivey and a few of her classmates playing on the current non-accessible playground:

Currently McHenry is in the number one position for the grant.  Thanks to all of you who have voted for McHenry.  You are making a difference in the lives of many special needs children and for future children that will play on the new playground.  Your vote really does make a difference!

Then text in your vote to Pepsi by entering in the numbers 73774 and then text 101235


This marks my fourth attempt at this post. For some reason I just can't culminate the words to precisely depict a brief moment in time and give you another glimpse at one small miracle in Ivey's life. Unfortunately- that's all you get – a flash. And here on the inside that is all it really feels like too – a flash – a brief moment of time that went by too fast.

Tomorrow marks a big day for someone who has become a very special part of our family. She'll take to the road and travel many miles for the next year to pursue her future.
It's funny how so many small moments, brief encounters; choices we make that end up as mile markers in our lives – they shape us – make us more than we were.

And without fail, most of those markers end in change.

Two years ago we were asked by our local parent-to-parent organization to volunteer, with other families, to join with a class of students at a local college and allow those students to go into our children's school and to co…

Hmm. This is weird.

This morning Ivey skipped (figuratively) off to her first day of school.

It was so exciting.  We got up.  Switched gears with the nurse.  Gave meds.  Packed her book bag.  Packed feeding supplies.  Got frilly in a new dress picked out by her brothers.  Loaded up the car and off we went. 

This is going to be a great year.  Ivey has an awesome 'TEAM'. 

Right as we were heading out the door Knox asked if I thought the teacher would let him read a book to the class.  This was going to be interesting morning. So I said we'll ask - grab a book. 

Hmm.  I am positive his little mind envisioned his Pre-K classroom sitting in a circle eyes locked on him as he enthralled them with a story.  He wanted to read from a chapter book.  Deep breath. His world was about to widen - have more depth - define his character - develop understanding of another type of classroom. 

And after a little discussion - He brought back the Ten Little Ladybugs .....  our brailled edition - and you can ac…

Staring with Style

For tips in Staring with Style scroll down to the italicized section (if you want to skip my ramblings)…. J

Stares come in several shades and on a typical day staring is just part of our normal. And I guess somewhere along the way I did learn to ignore it in most circumstances. Ivey is intriguing. However, the physical features of Ivey that I see as beautiful and subtle reminders of her strength – others see as oddities and markers of weakness. It didn't take long to recognize that Ivey draws attention to herself whenever we are in public. And 99.999% of the time I'm am okay with the stares. I'll admit it still stings a little. But the stinging is now a comfortably numb feeling. It is part of who I am – they stare because of who she is and she is half me.

I have thought about this for the past couple of days – and I have decided that there are just too many types of stares and not enough words to explain how they can make a parent feel on the inside, no matter how well int…

Dear......Dear Abby,

I am just curious and by all means am not in the position to make a real judgement call except for the fact that I do have a daughter who NEVER seems to be able to step outside the confines of her house on any given day, for any given reason, with any given person without being stared at - whether in good taste or bad - so I am overwhelmed by your keen since of reason and fundamental ability to handout such insightful and truly supportive advice to parents in the masses like myself.  And Dear Abby I must thank you for shouting to the rest of your readers - 'Hey, go ahead and stare all you want.  Forget the families for they should just 'turn the other cheek' and never feel the confusioning need to step up and harbor the CHILD that stares inadvertently demean and belittle.'   Because my dear Dear Abby, there have been days I have literally looked to the skies and thanked God for taking her vision - yes, Ms. Abby pick your jaw up off the floor now and dust it off - becau…