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Ivey ... her mouth and teeth mini update

Yesterday morning Ivey had a standard teeth cleaning in the Scottish Rite dentist chair per her usual cleaning routine. To date she is past the cleft lip/palate surgeries that are required for the initial repair of the cleft and is in the in-between stages that take place over a few years until the next big procedures to work on the clefts. That means she only sees the dentist, he keep a check on her progress and when it's time she will go back to the oral surgeon and cranial facial surgeon for more surgeries. So back to yesterday.

Ivey has been having uncontrolled seizures over the past couple of months. We have run the gamut on the causes. She hasn't been her usual happy self and there has been something nagging we just couldn't put our finger on.

As she completed the cleaning yesterday I described Ivey's past few months. And knowing that her 6 year molars are coming gave the staff an update on her seizure activity and that it has to be linked to her teeth , …