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Mark Twain was a wise man

Courage for my voiceless child

Today my oldest son asked me what it means to have courage. I listed several ways to express courage and what is inside a person who is courageous. One such example, the ability to standup for those who are unable to stand for themselves. Especially- in the face of opposition when it would be easier to look the other way. Thank you McHenry. You have courage. When she is with you, I have no fear. Unbelievable article, but sadly, it is true for so many. Follow the link to read the article : Have Courage

Special Olympics 2012

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3,285 Days

give or take, actually give, I have been changing diapers.  And if you are wondering, it takes 9 years to rack up a number like that.  Collectively those diapers span the years.  For the record, Knox was the first born, so he had a full 18 months of diapering solo.  And also for the record, by 18 months of age he was potty trained just in time to welcome his baby brother to the world.  Do not include night time in that little accomplishment.  So then it went to two boys in diapers all night, one potty trained during the day and another in diapers during the day.  So Walker got 20 months and ~ wham ~ he was potty trained (again during the day) just in time to welcome his sweet sister to the world.  So that left me with three in diapers at night and one in diapers during the day. 

For the record talk of potty training and Ivey has cropped up in the same sentence on occasion, and mostly with the professionals.  And all of us have wained at the idea.  That is until now. 

She will be 6 y…

Handicap Parking and the Law of ADA (American Disabilities Act)

Eligibility of Handicapped Parking~ By regulation of the American Disabilities Act, people who are allowed to use handicap parking are defined as persons who are blind, have a limited ability to walk, are parents of a handicapped child, or any organization that transports handicapped persons.

Enforcement of Handicap Parking~ All states will ticket anyone using a space without the handicapped designation. 

If the handicapped member of your family is NOT with you, you are not permitted to use the handicapped parking spot.

Handicap parking marked "VAN ONLY" really is for vans only. Those spaces are reserved for those in wheelchairs who must use the extra spaced (marked with the blue striped lines next to the spot) for use of a ramp to unload a wheelchair from the side of the van. You park there or in the stripes and you just limited a person from access.....completely.  

What is the American Disabilities Act (ADA)?The ADA is a wide-ranging civil rights law that prohibi…