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To better explain our absence -

things have picked up around, not that they were ever slow.  I looked down and its practically the middle of summer, what happened to the time?  More to come soon I soon as I break these three up - she's getting the best of them!

Head on over to Dairy Queen...for Children's Health Care of Atlanta

If you look closely you'll see their names, Knox, Walker and Ivey going down next to the black frame.  You may not know it but we are there at least once every week.  If we are not, then we make up the time within a few weeks and usually spend multiple days there.  There being Scottish Rite, which is a part of Children's Health Care of Atlanta.  It has somewhat eerily become a place of comfort for me.  In those walls there is security unlike any other place.  So stop counting the calories for a minute and go grab an ice cream and support this awesome cause!