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Darlington School: The Special Olympics

Click on "Darlington School: Special Olympics" above. Thank you to everyone in Mrs. Kinney's classroom for putting this great slide show together.

Special Heroes

In just a few minutes we will head out to Special Olympics.  It is a great day and we hope to see you all there!

But please do us a favor while you are there.  Take a second to thank all of our special heroes.  You will know who they are when you see them.  They will be the teachers and para pros, the principals, the therapists and specialists, the ones, who without them, none of this would be possible.

They are the ones whom our children adore.  The ones who bring out their smiles.  The one who push past their "handicaps" and see the people they are destined to be.  They are the believers.  

They are the ones who sweat and grind everyday without ever having much fame or glory.  They work relentlessly - everyday - to push our kids to find the path they are meant to be traveling.  They are the no-boundaries believers, the out-of-the-box thinkers.

They are special.  They are our friends and supports.  They love our children as their own.  They laugh when we laugh, cry when we…

The Clutter Basket

Without a doubt the boys love their sister.  But we are entering into a new arena these days.  It's an arena many parents with children with special needs and their siblings are already in knee deep.  Where we have always been cautious, extremely so, about time, equality and expectations, there are some areas where life is just different for the boys compared to Ivey.  As each day passes those differences become more and more apparent and significant in some circumstances, another aspect of our ever present pink elephant. 

Case in point.  The boys chores and homework are increasing with their ages.  Even in the unbalance of special needs we are trudging through the magnitude of the pecking order and chores and homework amplification due to the inequality of birth order.  Law, the world just ain't fair sometimes!

Over the past few months, in moments where the drill sergeant in our home (that would be me - thanks to my marine corp upbringing at the hands of my father), has expe…