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The Animal Shelter

The final synopsis.  The dogs were loud.  She didn't even want to talk about the cats.  The snake.  That snake was her favorite.  

'Ivey'tude...when the stool is in her way

Mobility and language.  She is so very 'finished' with the stool in her path.  Not to mention that she is dragging the feeding pump behind her.  Pre-teen life in our house.  She's told me she was 'finished' with me a time or to...Now how to discipline this little creature?

The 11th Christmas...

On the 11 Christmas, our girl enjoyed opening her gifts for the first time.  Where she keeps holidays, especially Christmas (and Easter), real and grounds us in the purpose of the season, it was fun, literally heart warm, to watch her enjoy the packaging.  This my friends is a first.  It was a milestone.

And then there was this.  A gift for Ivey.  Or, is it a remote controlled car for Matt?