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Thankful +

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ivey and the boys.  Three happy turkies. 
It's hard to see her sweet grin - but that is her 'I'm so happy smile.'
These are the things I am thankful for +

Posing for Pictures – The Sirmans’ Way

Earlier this week the boys and Ivey had their pictures taken professionally for the first time in two years. The last time we went on this little endeavor it went rather smoothly. Ivey had just gotten those beautiful green eyes – that we rarely see now because she does not like to wear them – she was still trached; and she could not sit independently – and most importantly (back to the eyes), she could not take her eyes out. Her pincher skill was not yet developed. As for the boys, they were eager to have their picture taken. Like I said, it was a simple sitting. We laid Ivey down and the boys circled around her – posing. Gorgeous pictures. If you have been to the house, you have seen them next to the fireplace.

Two years later …….same photographers ……. same studio …… 

Ivey wanted her eyes out.My girl kept trying to sneak that little finger of hers up to pluck them out. Everyone (including the boys) is trying to distract her from them, get her to smile, and hold her head up. Once upon…

Yep, it's the week of Friday the 13th

Happy Veterans Day!

After a long absence from Ivey's tough seizures, they returned last night.  She spent the evening in the ER.  She is home now - we side stepped a trip to Scottish Rite.  All tests were ran and no 'illness' was found, which we were hoping to find.  Break through seizures like this are sometimes an indicator that something else is wrong.  Seems she just seized - no matter how common they are for us, they still take your breath away watching that little body of hers. 

Thank you ER crew.  You all are great and we appreciate you so much.  You guys rock when it comes to sticking Ivey.  Thank you ER doc for feeling comfortable enough with us to not transport her on to Atlanta. 

Ivey was at Aunt B. and Uncle W.'s house yesterday when she began seizing.  Luckily Matt was already there to pick her up and take her home.  So Matt and Aunt Beth got her to the hospital quickly.  She is always in good hands with Aunt B and Uncle W.

I was in Cartersville coming …

Something to think about

Recently on my MAPS board we had an interesting article that stirred up much debate and discussion amongst our members. The article followed within days of our families little trip to Krispy Kreme. It seems a nerve was struck amongst the members of our group, a wide range of emotions about the article were discussed. It made each and every one of us in MAPS take a step back and take a look at how we actually view ourselves and how we have, and continue, to deal with raising a disabled child. I am posting a link to the article for you all to read, especially if you are a parent raising a child with a disability, or special needs, or if you are in the special needs field – this article is worth your time.

I do not agree with the entire article, but yes, there are portions of it that hit home. In our MAPS group a couple of interesting angles emerged. The author did his best to evaluate a very complex situation. …

Gavin Owens

Please keep my friend Karen and her family - especially their Gavin - in your prayers now. I dare not try to tell their story, please visit their blog, read their story, and pray.

Gavin and Ivey are very close in age. Karen and I began keeping in contact not long after we settled in with our 'new' life with our special needs children. We have followed each other along this journey. Gavin is now taking a path that is heartbreaking. The fear of reality is never too far away.

Click here to visit their website:
Gavin Owens
The Owen's Family