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The fair started up tonight. Officially fall. For me, it is a little more than that. It is a mile marker. The first fair after Ivey was born I couldn't help but wonder how we would ever get her there-let alone, enjoy it. The second time around (last year) she was at the fair– loving it. Today as we drove home and passed the fairgrounds the conversation centered on 1) another year has passed 2) we can't wait to take the boys and Ivey. I guess it all comes down to perspective.
Once upon a time there was life before Ivey. A different time, a different person. I admit – Ivey has changed me. She put my life into perspective - quickly. At times it is refreshing, other times it is harsh reality, but most of the time she pulls us back to what is really important in life.
Every year the first night of the fair holds the exhibitions of the local cheerleading squads. At one point, I was fortunate to be a coach of one of those squads. Lots of work. Hectic practices. I …

A Real Bubble Bath

Drum roll please.
Can you tell what's going on?
Of course not. It just looks like a bubble bath, right?
Well maybe.
For Ivey this was her first bath EVER that water ran down her face…around her neck!
Sound like a small feat? Well maybe – for most.
Remember back once upon a time there was an ng-tube in her nose and tape all over her face….then there was a trach……now there has been an open hole in her neck (covered with gauze)….all of which means no water, just a sponge bath on her face and neck.
Well, I think the opening from her trach has closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally after two and a half years there are no coughs, sputters or gagging. Just one great BIG smile from water tickling her neck!! For the first time…… a real bubble bath!!!!! (It's hard to see, but there are bubbles everywhere!)

What a day

Early Morning



Noon ...... such a big day

We are definitely not the brady bunch

Nothing like a little Brady Bunch sing-a-long is there?
Don't you think Ivey is doing a great job at preschool? She really loves it. I think this will be one of the best experiences Ivey will ever have. Ever. She is painting, gluing and playing on the playground. It is so wonderful. The best part is the other kiddos. They love her. There is one little boy in particular who has really taken to Ivey. While we are there he tends to stick close by and bring her toys. He hardly left her side while on the playground, which is funny considering that 2 year olds don't normally play together, but around each other.
Ivey's first day on the playground I took her over to a little jiggle car and put her in (driver side). He climbed in (passenger side) and kept shaking his head at me and saying something in 2 year old lingo that completely went over my head. Finally I got it. That sweet pea just wanted to drive Ivey. So we switched seats. He made sure that Ivey was set …



Preschool pink glitter fish

painting sunshinegoing for the taste test