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he smiles politely back at stare politely right on through

Right now I am sitting in front of the computer listening to the buzz of the feeding pump rolling as Ivey ‘eats’ (a monotone sound that has become part of our existence) and listening to my ipod favorites on the computer, while singing with Ivey as she sits here in my lap. That is the extent of what sounds I am paying attention to. So let‘s switch gears, let’s do this blog from Ivey’s seat. From her perspective, you must include the tap tap tap of the keys of the computer, the clicking of the dishwasher as it completes its drying cycle, the creek of the rocking chair on the hard wood, my not-so good singing, and the buzz of a weed eater somewhere. We are listening to How To Save A Life by the Fray, up next will be Ruby by Kenny Rogers (it has some great sounds) and then God Bless The American Housewife by SheDaisy (this is just a good one for any SAHM!).

The first 24 hours following Ivey’s birth are lost from me, even today. Matt reassures me that it is better that I not remember yet a…
It's Meal Time! Miranda has started scheduling meals for the month of October. We decided to change the meal schedule to Tuesdays and Thursdays because Ivey has many of her appointments at Scottish Rite on Tuesdays. Additionally, we are scheduling a week of meals for the week following Ivey's surgery. The surgery is scheduled for Friday October 27th.

If you want to help with providing a meal for the Sirmans please contact, Miranda Styles at Thanks so much for your help!

Gotta Have Faith

God has been pretty patient with me lately. My conversations with Him normally turn into questioning why we have to carry this burden and shouting words of anger. And still, God has not shot down a lightening bolt and zapped me with the answer or came to me in a cloud-filled dream to explain his reasoning. He does probably get a good laugh out of some of the fits I throw at him from time-to-time. I would love to think he has a great since of humor. If you see me driving in my car - alone - and screaming irately, just chalk it up to one of my fits with God.

I have not doubted who God is, but I have found myself questioning his intention and resolution. I do not think I would be human if I did not admit that - it is all part of this roller coaster ride. Some days, I have found myself reaching out to God, almost begging for his support. On other days, my urge to flee from him is almost insuppressible. Instead of sitting idly by and waiting for the gates of Heaven to open up and wisdom pou…

The Past 7 Days Away

....have been very busy.

A small recap:
Spent last weekend with Tasha and Mandy having a girls' trip to the spa....left behind 9 babies all under 5 and 3 great husbands....During the week there was two trips to Scottish Rite, one trip to pediatrician, and one broken arm (Knox's).

Ivey's Info:
Neurologist loved seeing her nibble her fingers, rub a conformer from her eye, coo at us and finally show her temper. Her orthodontist says we are still on track for her first surgery on her mouth. Ivey weighed in at 9.17 pounds and her apnea monitor was discontinued. She's getting to be a big girl.

After a great weekend at a spa.....this has been a tough week. Sometimes I just don't know how I will get through it, but then Angels appear all around. Thank you mom and dad, Traci, Tasha, Mandy, Cammie, Lowery, Charlie, Beth C., Beth S, Dana, G & G Gang, Heather and Nicki.

Our phone has been transferred to the new house; however, we are still in the old house. So, call us on the ce…

Ivey's Deleted Chromosome

This link shows a picture of chromosome 21. If you noticed from some of the other pictures, this is actually one of the smaller chromosomes. It is astonishing that something so small can have such an effect on how we are created!

From the beginning of band 22.2 on the q-arm down, Ivey's 21st chromosome has been deleted.
Why? We can't truly answer why.
Genetically, Matt and I are fine. Normal.

More than likely there was a flaw in either the egg or the sperm. One or the other was missing that section of the chromosome. For some reason, that bit of information was left off when the egg or sperm was formed. That piece of the chromosome was just left off! Thankfully, there is no means to know which cell it was.

Geneticist do have an idea of characteristics located on the 21st chromosome. How this information from chromosome 21 is utilized and how it influences the function of other chromosomes is still unclear. However, c…

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Happy Birthday Walker! #2 ! Walker is our charmer. He can win your heart over with his sweet smile. Then before you know it, he is taking the nails out of the boards that hold the house together. He is the middle child which means he gets the comfort of being the baby brother and the prestige of being the big brother. He is sandwiched in the middle of lots and lots of love. We love you Walker!

Lesson I

1… Genetics is the branch of biology that studies heredity. There is sooooo much to this subject. We are not even going to begin to scratch the surface, just focus on how chromosomes are related to genetic disorders.

2... There is over 3 feet of DNA in just ONE of your cells!

3... DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)……DNA is our genetic “Blue Print”

4... April 25th is DNA Day and……Ivey’s Birthday! Next April 25, we will celebrate Ivey’s birth and the day that Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA

5... Genes: No, I didn’t misspell it…(Jeans) They are made of DNA. Our genes are inherited from our parents,one from your mom one from your dad. In essence,they control our heredity.

6... Every human has somewhere between 20,000 - 25,000 genes that determine traits and dictate growth and development.

7... Chromosomes carry our genes and are found in the nucleus of our cells.

8... Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes .

9... Scientist can diagnose genetic disorders by looking at chromosomes.

10... Huma…

Chromosome 21q Partial Deletion Syndrome


I have thrown this title out to you before and given you the general description. Maybe I should try to explain exactly what we have learned about chromosome 21q partial deletion syndrome and symptoms of Ivey's genetic disposition.

When Matt heard this term, he said exactly what you thought. "What?" Keep in mind, Matt was a business major at Georgia. He remains calm and takes in everything.

When I heard this term, my mind went reeling in a completely different direction. I instantly threw myself back into my Genetics class and Medical Terminology, trying to recall pages of genetic syndromes and locate prefixes, suffixes and rootwords. I have found myself doing this very same thing on numerous occasions throughout this journey with Ivey. I have discovered that my background has been both beneficial and almost lethal at times.

My major was Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Somewhere along the way, I tacked on a teaching certificate because I wanted others to…

Go Dawgs!

Like clockwork, discussion of 'The Game' began at the breakfast table this morning. On cue, Knox and Walker struck into 'Glory, Glory to ole Georgia'.........

Sadly, Matt will not make the first game this year. A tragedy is in the make. With moving to a new home to take place within just a couple of weeks and a new baby in the house, the first game is just not doable this year. I will be ensnared here to endure the tension of the game within the small walls of our home. A few years ago, Matt was banned, by me, from having guest over to watch the game. After jumping on top of our funiture and yelling at the TV, with some of our favorite people here, I had to take action and place him on probation. He can't help it, it runs deep in his veins. It's amazing what 11 guys dressed in red and black can do to a guy. Anyway, if you are a Georgia fan or if you know Matt, you will appreciate this. Matt: "We can't go to the game today guys. We will watch it on TV.&q…