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It's 5:13 pm

and I am heading out to pick up the boys and Ivey from their grandparents. I just finished "spring cleaning" here on the eve of New Year's eve. Love the idea of a fresh start all the way around.

I am hesitant to actually leave the house. The reason, once I pull out of the drive way I am headed straight to the Salvation Army. I have finally purged some of Ivey's things and decided that no matter how much sentimental value they have, they have to go. The memories and pictures are still here. But this year to move into the new year, I need to let go of some material things. Ivey is good, healthy and happy. Smiling. Signing. Playing. Communicating. Going to school. Trying to stand. Wanting to walk. Loving her friends. And she is loved. So, good bye reminders of a time that was hard, a time that swirls with a undefinable sadness. Oh, without a doubt I know where we have been-we don't need things to remind us. Thank you everyone who blessed us with some of these things…

They don't make the six o'clock news

This year has been one amazing year at First Baptist. We are so thankful for everyone there, especially Mrs. Melissa. And the entire preschool experience could not be possible without Ms. Mary and Ivey's League. We love them all very dearly and appreciate the time they spend with Ivey at preschool. I just wish I could bottle up the greatness of it all because they don't get to see what their interactions do for Ivey, how they have helped to mold her into a different child. I get to see their impact - it is astonishing sometimes. And unless you are the parent of a child like Ivey, I don't think the magnitude of Ms. Melissa, Ms. Mary and especially Ivey's League can be understood. Ivey has a chance at life that she would have never had without them.

Without deny, Ivey's League has made all the difference. The Ivey's League members who go to preschool with Ivey are not teachers or therapist. They are all people with good hearts who love Ivey. They are all…

Ivey zzzz's

Mrs. Melissa and Ivey -After the Christmas Program
Funny thing happened, or so they say -
Ivey practiced her heart out for the Christmas performance.  They said she just love, love, loved the music, she danced and sang.  She bounced.  She was going to steal the show.
Of course I believe them. 
But when it was show time in front of the crowd, and me ready to video -guess what she did? 
Stuck both of those thumbs in her mouth, said good night and slept on the riser with Ms. Mary holding her. Sleeping Ivey or no sleeping Ivey the show must go on.... 
She woke up around the last song ready steal the spotlight.
Amazing.  Ivey really can sleep through anything. 
But she sure was cute.
Ms. Mary and Ivey - also AFTER the Christmas program

The pink jingle bell tree -

This year Ivey has her own tree.  Pink as pink can be.  Even the lights are pink.  This tree will eventually be filled with every imaginable bell ornament we can find. It's not a new concept, but I am positive there isn't going to be another pink tree that jingles quite like this one. 
Of course the pink is my thing, but the bells are Ivey's.

A Lunch date -

with Santa,
my two favorite boys,
one favorite curly que
 and hubby (who is on the other side of the camera). 

The Gift of Giving

Tis the season to give. 

If you aren't sure of a Cause that you would like to make a contribution to this year, here are three that are near and dear to our hearts here in the Sirmans' house.  I will provide links for you to follow +

This is happening in honor of our sweet kindred spirit Gavin - who passed away just before Thanksgiving.  Gavin's mom, Karen, is making sure that the children in Dupont Hospital are warm and cozy this holiday.  Babylegs are legwarms for children.  They are especially helpful for kiddos who are continually connected to tubes - where pants are difficult to keep on and little legs get cool.  Most of you might remember me cutting wholes in all of Ivey's onesies because of this problem. 

Gavin Owens:

You can also have Babylegs sent directly to Karen and she will deliver them to Dupont.

Karen Owens
P.O. Box 985
Boyertown, PA  19512

*Scottish Rite Children's Hopital*
Our home awa…