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As the new year is quickly approaching, I am asking "How has another year gone by?"  Wow.  Another year.  So many things have been amazing for the girl this year.  She is doing things never imagined possible.  But I'll tell you, the past year and a half has been the hardest for me than any so far.  It's hard to imagine even saying it, especially admitting it, but this past couple of years have just about done me in.  For Ivey, they have been her best.

Once we had this amazing nurse.  Her name was Dee.  She was here in a time that I needed her more sometimes than even Ivey.  She used her experience to care not only for Ivey, but for our entire family.  The boys were tiny, as was Ivey, and like all nurses she took the night shift so that Matt and I could sleep.  I miss sleep.  I miss Dee even more.

Any who, one morning the boys (most likely around the ages of 3 and 4) had gotten up and Dee, like many other days, turned cartoons on for them and made them breakfast.  Tw…