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Merry Christmas

Believe ~ in the spirit of Christmas.


Ava signing "Ivey"


The Aftermath -

is never what we prepare for.  This time she rebounded unlike any time in her past.  All that's left are a couple of stitches that have yet to dissolve and what will be a scar that will forever remind us of things we are willing to sacrifice - things that are sacred. 

Just this past week I ran into another mom in the bookstore, her son had 'The' scar.  I'd never seen another person with 'The' scar before, or maybe I just never noticed until now.  My oldest son saw him and was excited that this particular little champion had a trach.  The amazing heart of my seven year old and the understanding that it encompasses always amazes and humbles me.  I, on-the-otherhand, found myself doing the unimaginable -staring at her son - she noticed and tucked her little bird under her wing - literally out of harms way.  How many times have I done the same thing?  I should know better. That's when I shook myself back to reality and just said - 'We are going to have tha…