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Double Fisted

So we did go - and had an awesome time. Sorry though, what happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas. Fortunately everyone survived here at home, even Ivey. She was fine. I think she likes to shake things up a bit. Then again she is a girl and drama seems to come easy to her.

Back to the grindstone this week, but with a better ‘momma attitude’ after a couple of days away. And as always Walker has us jumping. I am sharing a picture with you all that I plan to use one day to torture Walker during his teenage years.

Ivey always bounds back after her seizures and does something a little spectacular. Signing for momma is pretty spectacular to me. Plus, both of the boys said ‘daddy’ first. As a matter of fact, Knox called me daddy for a really long time before he decided to call me momma. So let’s just say working with Ivey to sign momma FIRST has been a priority of mine, and so far it seems to be working!

Notice any similarities?

Take a good look at the toe color. Now look again at his lip color. Yep. Painted his lips pink......with fingernail polish.

Record Breaking

Matt still holds the record. I am hesitant to say that this is some sort of accomplishment, but out there in testosterone land it must be. About a month or so ago, Matt (with Ivey and I in the car) made it from Floyd Hospital to Scottish Rite in under 45 minutes. It was past midnight so traffic was light, but keep in mind that record includes us stopping for gas. So last Monday night when Ivey earned us a luxury trip to Scottish Rite from Floyd via ambulance, I was even more wowed by our previous record when the EMT could not break Matt's driving record. (Wowed - not impressed mind you.) As you can imagine, when riding with my husband there is no sight-seeing involved.
Ivey did have more seizures. For whatever reason, we do not have them controlled right now. We are adapting medications and trying to keep weight and illness in check, all of which can lead to break through seizures. The only thing really notable is a change in her sleep pattern; however, her sleep pattern alters at …

First Pedicure-

sweet pink toes.

Walk a mile in my shoes-

As unlikely as it might seem, not every day is all about Ivey. She does get the spotlight here and an unequal surplus of my time on an ordinary day. She, Ivey, is one of three. So I battle the guilty life of wanting to divide time equally, always failing and praying that they, all three of my children, will appreciate the effort some day.
Today was one of those days that was not about Ivey and her improvements, accomplishments, dis-ABILITIES, or any of the latter. Today was about an ordinary day. Today was a day that we, I and my children, have worked very hard for and in some aspects, we have earned. Normalcy.
Today was a little more about the boys. Today was a day about Ivey learning to be ''the baby" and fighting for her own moment in the spotlight – just like any other sibling with older brothers/sisters. Today was another step in Ivey's life toward normalcy.
Today dear Stranger, I did mind. I know that You probably had good intentions. I realize that You were inquis…