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The Fog Horn

This morning when the alarm clock went off sometime before 6:00 am, it sounded something like a fog-horn blowing. I swear that clock has the most obnoxious alarm I have ever heard. The alarm was whaling signaling that it was time for Ivey's nurse to leave and someone had to go take her place. So I hauled it out of bed and as I rounded the corner to Ivey's room N. our nurse was laughing. And this is why. Apparently we all have the same opinion of the alarm clock.

(N. said she covered her ear when the alarm went off.)
How funny is that?

Blind Running - A Sight To Behold

Here is an AWESOME story that my friend Jill forwarded a few weeks ago to the other members of our MAPS group. It is so inspiring and I can only pray that our family could ever be so blessed to have teenagers love our daughter like this or that my one-day teenage sons could be so selfless.

These girls have true character.,0,1154237.column


Yesterday I had the odd opportunity to dash away to Atlanta - alone - to do a little shopping. On my drive to Atlanta at a stop light in Carterville a Shriner was pacing an intersection with his bucket collecting donations. Unfortunately the light turned green before he made his way any where near my lane of traffic.

On my way home at a different intersection, also in Carterville, another Shriner was pacing my lane of traffic collecting donations. This time - there was time. So I grabbed my wallet and emptied out my zipper of loose change to toss into the bucket. I was a little surprised when he got to me at how 'empty' his red bucket was - considering the business of this particular intersection.

So I started counting. Two cars in front of me. Ten cars behind me. Before the light changed to green only two cars made a donation to that Shriner. Two, myself included.

In front of me a man sat with his arm out of his window smoking a cigarette. Behind me a Le…

Glimpses of last week.

After surgery last week. She smiles.

She really loves her piano.

Of course, it must pass the taste test.

Knox IS special!

Not long before she is up and running.

And, our new nephew.

The past week was a pretty busy one. Lots to catch everyone up to speed about, but for right now, I just want sleep. So early to bed for a few nights, which means no computer time permitted. So a very short update for now. My baby sister had her first baby last week. Ivey had a little surgery on Friday. And, we had two very interesting encounters with other children while sitting waiting in a doctor's office and while waiting to go back for surgery. Both children really put a spin on our ordinary little Ivey. God works in funny ways sometimes.

Oh, and a my friend Heather had an interesting comment left for her on her daughter Zoey's blog that was a little rude. I have never really had any rude comments here, but I thought it was kind of humorous that someone wanted her to turn the music off of her blog. There is music on this blog too, but it made me wonder if any one really listens to it. All the songs here are ones that are special to me and my life with Ivey. They all have t…