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Forget Me Nots

This morning Ivey-loo-whoo set off to begin her second week of school.  From the looks of things, she was not quite in school mode this morning.

This is how this week is starting.
When I say she is a ham, she is A ham!  
Matt sent the picture since he is on the rotation of taking her to school this week.  I think Ivey may have figured out that she has started back to school but the boys have not.  I'm sure this is her way of protesting.

While Ivey is working hard at school, the boys are officially winding down summer and gearing up for school.  Walker actually said last week that he misses his friends and is ready for school.  The boys are all registered for school with uniforms being pulled out of summer storage and new shoes revving to go.  Personally I'm not ready for summer to end.

The boys and Ivey are obviously in two different school systems.  Ivey is in our county school system and the boys attend a private school.  I get tickled as the school years gear up.  Tickled…