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The Beautiful Uglies

I have said this before and here I sit saying it again, the laundry room of Scottish Rite is the most beautiful ugly place I have ever been. I think it may be the place that grounds me even more than Ivey.

The laundry room is the equalizer of all equalizers. No amount of money, race, or social status exists there. It's just parents trying to get to the next day. Some praying there will be a next day.

I have met some of the most beautiful people there in the laundry room. In the brief time it takes to wash and dry a small load of laundry a friendship is formed. I think the bond is already there, we just have to meet for the first time. We rarely get past first names, yet, we walk away knowing the dark scared corners of our hearts and minds. The Beautiful Uglies.

We move a strangers wet laundry to the dryer to make room for our own clothes to wash. We exchange the superficial reasons why we are washing laundry together. Then we dive in without noticing. We talk about ca…

Please keep arms inside the ride.....hold on tight...

and enjoy the ride.

Well, Ivey had a visit with her cranial-facial surgeon today and it looks like she is ready to have the distractors removed.  Surgery is next Tuesday.  Wow.  That came out of the nowhere.  The surgery has been on the books for the end of April - for weeks.

Looks like light is shining from underneath a door.

This will be an involved surgery and will require Ivey to stay over in the PICU for a couple of days.

Happy Easter +

April 1 -

I realize that we are in a desperate need for an update.  Last update was brutal being that it was the beginning of the home stretch for Ivey following this last surgery.  To say the least this has been one of the most difficult times with Ivey.  For Ivey it is the healing, for her momma, its the continual schedule of nothingness and not being able to help my girl to not hurt.  Despite my frugal efforts, I am deemed useless.

This procedure has been topped with pain.  She has her good days, but now she cries without warning.  She cries.  She has NEVER been someone to cry.  I try to comfort, but I do not know how to help.  There have been many days that were good, a couple, great, but all outlined with being uncomfortable.

My girl looks different.  I still haven't wrapped my mind around the new look.  And soon, this look will change.  The distractors will come out and a newer look will emerge.  No matter how hard I try, I am not excited about the "new" look.  I miss her f…