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Tad and Lily---- SOS

Meet two of Ivey's most favorite toys on this Earth.  The other is her music cube.  Three toys of preference and the girl likes what she likes - that's it!!  
 However, we have had Tad and Lilyfor several years now and they are finally at their bittersweet end.  She has killed them from playing them so much.  I cannot find them ANYWHERE!!!  So if you have these stashed in the attic somewhere - please send them our way!!  Or if you magically run across them somewhere get them and I will pay you back. 
These are the small ones that can hang and you just push their little tummies to hear them. 
It took a few years to teach Ivey how to find their tummies to play them all by herself. It took lots of work.  Now I have tried every similar toy out there - she just ignores them or tosses them.  So please help me find these sweet toys!!!   They make her so happy.

Where is here exactly?

It has all been so hard here lately, and on such a different level than the past. It's the parts of life that were neglected due to the demands of such a special needs child. What now? How do we bridge this? Marriage is so different. Somedays we dont even know how it should be. How after all this time have things gone so pear shaped? She's fine, but I feel so lost here lately. And, she falls on such a far sided spectrum of the special need scale. I find myself getting frustrated sometimes with parents with special needs children who can walk, talk -eat.. It's so lonely even amongst the special ones....

So my kindred spirit across the states has said what I've been searching for, in many ways. So if you are a special needs parent you might really want to read her post. I have several times. Little Wonders (just click)