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Goldilocks Goes Pixie -


True Peace. Just throwing this adorable picture in because it is so sweet.
Now..... Cute new pixie cut with great hair accessory..... She was grinning from ear to ear in these pictures.

Hair pulling 101

Last week Jennifer took Ivey on a stroll around the neighborhood, which she obviously enjoyed - If you notice, Ivey is wearing her cute Hannah Andersen cap.  Originally we bought these to try to help keep Ivey's hearing aids in - they failed.  However she is now wearing them again, or at least she was until 2:00 pm today. 
We'll get to that in a minute. 
Two weeks ago Miss Ivey decided that she enjoyed pulling her curly blond locks clear out of her head.  And within minutes it seemed, the right side of Ivey's sweet head was missing quite a few curls.  Literally - a moment without the hats, even in sleep, ended with a curl missing from her noggin and wrapped around her little finger.  It's a sensory thing.  We know it.  Do our best to address her sensory integration issues, but really there aren't enough hours in the day or extra-hands available to do the sensory diet she probably needs.  It would be unrealistic in this real world we live in -
And so Mrs. Mandy came…

Touch the Top of the World

Over the course of the past few years a special group who calls themselves the Blanket Ministry has made blankets, delivered them to me via one of Ivey’s fairy Godmothers to be passed on to special people who can give them to children, like Ivey, learning to make their way a dark world. The blankets provide security. They are very special blankets. Not only are they special to the children, they are special to everyone who touches them in the process of passing them on the children.

I was rummaging through the bag counting the blankets, while on the phone arranging the last leg of their journey, when at the bottom of the bag was a book that I had lent Ivey’s Godmother awhile back– and I couldn’t help but catch my breath at the memory of the book. It almost startled me. It reminded me of a time, like many other memories, when we shook our heads in acceptance that this path with Ivey was set even before she was conceived. We just didn’t know it. And even though it is just a book that I…