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It never ceases to surprise me how this world I live in with Ivey is a never ending book of lessons in life.  It seems like with each lesson a new layer of scaffolding is erected somewhere inside of me, layers of strength in preparation for the next new lesson I suppose.  In day-to-day life, no-one would ever know that is what is happening on the inside, but it is.  Days are full of balancing a little work around a haphazard summer routine, chaotic, and like most summers, especially as the kiddos get older, an endless pile of laundry to tackle.  But on the inside, the nuts and bolts are tightening to secure that scaffolding.

Ivey is eight now, so after eight years the sound of those hammers and drills go unnoticed most days, that is until small tremors cause the scaffolding to sway or an earthquake hits without a moments notice.

Lately Ivey has been bombarded with an increase in seizure activity.  It is daily for the most part, every once in awhile she might skip a day.  I cannot te…