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Be prepared ....

She may not.......

Those were the original words, from so long ago for so many things, more things than comprehendable, in such a short amount of time.

So many parents, maybe too many parents, hear those words when facing a future with a "special" child. In the literal seconds, minutes, and hours after Ivey was born we were preparing for an end. "Be prepared, she may not make it." The blatant facts of her existence suggested her survival was minimal.

Then somehow, and some might say magically, her days and weeks turned into months and years.

In those months and years following her arrival it was suggested that we "be prepared" that other life "givens" may surpass Ivey.  In many brutally wonderful ways, they did. Certain experiences have by-passed Ivey.

At one phase of time in the beginning, time was spent trying to figure out if Ivey had a sacrum bone. I think that is another Ivey trivia you may not know or remember. Because of that we were t…