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Cast Off...Mommy's Goin Crazy

Ivey-Lou-Hoo had her cast removed today. Leg looks great. And yep, it was a nice little break. Still no idea of how or even when she actually broke it, but all in the clear now. And even though I know we did pretty "good" getting her to the right doc in a reasonable amount of time - still I can't imagine that Ivey actually had a broken leg and we/I didn't know instantly.

But in good Ivey fashion, a broken leg didn't slow her down... not one bit. I, on-the-other-hand, not so much.

Seriously, how do you not know your child broke her leg?

So as you can imagine this has spun me into a tailspin of wanting to give her communication skills. Where we try to make light of so many things, for sanity purposes, things like this seem to whisk me back into a sharp state of reality. So today I did what I have done on countless attempts, all unsuccessful, but I keep thinking that eventually someone out there will do this tiny little thing...write a book on the I…

Pretty in Pink

Tonight my sweet girl and her daddy are missing their annual Father-Daughter dance together. 

As you can see our girl has broken her right fibula.  We are not sure how she did it or even exactly when she broke it.  As you can imagine there is more to the story, but for now, my mind is exhausted.....

Time Divided...

Source: via Kristi on Pinterest