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Influence or Lack There Of

I worry so much about our boys and how Ivey's life inadvertently influences their lives.  Is it a positive influence? Negative? Irrelevant? Or, all of the above?

Seriously, some days I just pray that I don't drive them insane in my own attempt to handle myself and all of the crazies that can come with Ivey.  Did I just say that?  Trust me, I have driven enough friends crazy in the wake of my own "Getting it Together" that many are probably seeking some kind of therapy on my account.  I won't even begin to tell you what my husband thinks of me some days.  But he did say for better or worse, right? 

I can only imagine the insanity that the boys witness at my own expense...

From the beginning, our boys have been of primary concern.  At first I thought of harboring them from other peoples' opinions of "our life", more specifically "their lives". It seems someone always has an opinion of how to "do it better".  It feel insufficie…

God's Gift in Brothers

I've tried to think of ways to best put these videos into words, but words escape me.  For all the things you see on this sweet little blog, Ivey's personal life, the here and now daily dose, is really non-existent.  You don't really ever see what a real moment, hour or day of her life is really like. How the people in her day-to-day life interact with her.  She is blessed, as are all of us.  We, especially Ivey, are surrounded by amazing people.  Where so often we hear how lucky Ivey is to have us, I'm not so certain in that.  More likely it is the blessing of those who get to chose to be in her life that make her life worth living, give HER value and purpose.  As amazing as she is, it's really those in our lives that are amazing. 

So to give you some background we spent a week this summer with some of our most favorite people in the world.  One, Taylor and Craig were with us, which makes my heart so happy.  Taylor calms me by just being present - I can't beg…

What My Heart Says .

Does she hear it? Some days I have no doubt.

A Tooth

Once upon a time I was very sad about all of the milestones that my girl was skipping and missing.  Then I was very angry over all the milestones that were created - unusual, not typical milestones.  But salt and peppered in the craziness is and was an unwavering normal. 
There are always typical milestones, some fast, some slow, some in normal time.  All in their own sweet Ivey time.  Her schedule.
This week was a typical week for any six year old about to go into the first grade.  Geez, she sure is growing up!!
This week her second first tooth was pulled.  Yes, sounds strange, but if you remember at three months of age, she lost her first baby tooth in not so typical means.  Chalk it up to another original Ivey story. 
This week while on vacation with her brothers, and Taylor, and Craig, and her God parents, and her amazing God brothers.... she lost her second first tooth and had her first visit from the tooth fairy - Just another ordinary normal - summer vacation! Love it. and c…


A picture is a thousand words and more.