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Thankful For Ordinary Miracles

I have been on a little siesta from the computer. The excitement of the holidays has started swirling 'round even though I can not believe that it has been another year. This Thanksgiving, like all others, we have so much to be thankful for. Our family is so very blessed.
As of lately the boys and I have also been discussing the word special, particularly Knox and I. Trying to explain the difference in the contexts of the word special when applied to Ivey having special needs and that each child is equally special to me, but that 'yes' sometimes we do say that Ivey has special needs that the boys do not have, but that she is not really more or less special than they….is a hard topic to explain….. But considering Knox and I had a similar conversation about the words pen and pin, and why the spelling made them represent two different objects even though they sound very much alike, well, you get the picture.
This week Ivey had her first Thanksgiving party at preschool. A very…

That's my friend right there... "I-Bee"

They were reading to her and playing peek-a-boo. The perfect kodack moment. So if you are wondering where they went it was to watch their friend 'I-bee' in the camera. This mama's heart is smiling. God really does give rainbows after the rainstorm.

Making holiday pictures............isn't necessarily the best tactile activity for Ivey. She is not very fond of the feel of the brush on her hand or flattening out her hand, but sometimes Ivey and I must compromise. To be able to look back on those little hand prints years from now...

This is Ms. Taylor. She attends one of our local colleges and is visiting with Ivey in school for course credits.

As you all know - we are Georgia fans around here. If the kiddos grow up to be non-Georgia graduates, Matt's world will surely end. In the meantime, we have one awesome football coach, and I don't mean his skills as an athletic coach. I am talking about what he brings to the Team that impacts them beyond the football field.

After having a daughter with 'deformities' and having a special couple in our life who are adoptive parents and admiring them, well, just watch the video then you will see why this coach and his family are to be admired.

So this was passed to me in an email and I thought it worthy of sharing it with you all. I would be willing to bet that you will be a Dawg fan too after you watch this video. Go Dawgs!

click here to watch video-
Duffey Family Blog

Polka Dot Pixie

My friend Tabatha at Polka Dot Pixiemade this sweet pillowcase dress for Ivey. She has a great website advertising her cute dresses, burp cloths, bibs, purses, diaper bags and gift sets. If you are looking for adorable Christmas ideas then take a peek at the Polka Dot Pixie.

So here is Ivey modeling - our little fashion bug - a dress from Polka Dot Pixie.......Go Dawgs!

Note the bow in Ivey's hair. That's right, finally enough hair for bows. I am such a happy mama!! And, you can see in one of the pictures that she has dimples too!

The Polka Dot Pixie website is also listed on the sidebar.

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this for Ivey and for sending it to her. She looks absolutely adorable in it. Lots of complements!


The End. Polka Dot Pixie

Halloween and Saturday Superheros

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