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That was the bestest birthday ever -

Thank you Greg, Susan and boys for the beautiful birthday flowers!

Cake before. Cake after.
The end to a perfect birthday - A living room slumber party with her brothers -

Gooey Sticky Birthday Cake.

Three years ago -

Happy 3rd Birthday Ivey!!! Has it really been three years? And look where you are now. Amazing. We love you and are so proud of you. You are an inspiration. You are proof that miracles do exist and dreams really do come true. Once upon a time a Princess was born Then one day the princess was trached. All grew quite in the land. The princess's beautiful voice was taken away. Everyone in the kingdom whispered her name and prayed for her. She prevailed and her people stood in amazement at the courage of one petite princess.
and met one of her fairy Godmothers.
At times she would sleep peacefully, but not very often.

For her bravery,the princess was presented with her royal crown on her first birthday.
The second year of the princess's life was full of wonder. Through means of magic great gifts were presented to the princess. And one miraculous day she was granted beautiful emerald eyes. And another fairy Godmother wept with joy.
And for all those who were so blessed to be loved by t…

A Birthday Request From The Birthday Girl

For Ivey's birthday she would really love it if everyone started to learn a little sign language so that she can get to know you. She loves the interaction and is picking up new sign rather quickly. We practice what is called hand-under-hand with her. That means we place our hands under Ivey's to sign to her or to guide her hands. Her hands are ALWAYS on top. Remember when approaching her gently touch her on her on the top of her forearm first. Her hands are her eyes, so we much treat them with respect. The more we offer her our hands, the more she will learn - we will enrich her life and introduce her to the world that she does not see and the sounds that she can not hear very well. To help facilitate this goal I will begin a list of words that Ivey's knows and is in the process of learning up on the sidebar.

Petting the rodents outside.

Giving Mrs. Ashley a run for her money with that eye.

Playing p…

April with us and Christa and some random Jungle Book picture

Easter with the boys, Ivey, Maggie and Lindsey

Hunting Chirpy Eggs with Maggie...Listen to the eggs talk..Watch her find them...See her clap for herself..

Dandelion Wishes

I have officially had a case of writer's block. It's crazy. I sit down to update Ivey and can't think of a thing to write about. This has been going on for a couple of months now. Really, I never thought I would run out things to jabber about. Maybe it is not from the lack of things going on, but sifting through the surplus of craziness. I have even wanted to post some pictures, but that means downloading them- ugg. So, its mid-morning and Ivey's Wednesday OT session was switched, so I have a few moments. Of course I could fold the laundry that is piled up, even iron it, but who wants to do that? And at the beginning of the week we had two rooms painted, one being Ivey's room, because we are switching her to a different bedroom. Now if I were really motivated, I would start moving her furniture, clothes, medical supplies and toys....or sweep up the dust from places the painters had to sand. Instead, I am sitting here doodling through emails and now this.…

California and Kisses

Between a six year olds birthday party, homework, sinus infections and trips away from home, there has been little computer time. So I wanted to take second a let you in on a couple of small things learned over the past couple of weeks.
One, Ivey has decided she LOVES to give kisses. And don't think you'll get a normal kiss. Ooohhh nooo. It's a nice slobbery kiss with a giggle from her. That's okay. They are some of the best kisses ever (even if we all come away with a little drool).
Two, Matt and I took a trip. And not just a one night trip, but a real five day away trip. It was the first in a long time. Honestly, one that we weren't sure if we would ever be able to take (alone) again. Well, we did and it was wonderful. So, for all of you with kids and especially those of you with special needs children that think you can never leave, you must go. Whether you think they can or not, there are others who are willing to watch the little ones and do just a…