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Devishly angelic

Transforming transformer....

on Ivey's head

Can you believe this curly hair?
Cutie in a bikini.
My friend Jennifer at Lots of Scottshas one incredible video posted today. I think it will touch every one in some way. Watch it from beginning to end. I know we have many signs. Ivey's is so much like one family you will see. She was not predicted to make it one look at her. She is two. Not predicted to live, move, know, thrive, communicate, see or look at her. She is His image.

If there isn't a God, then how do you explain her?

A Fish Story

Okay, this whole losing an eye in an elevator story gets even better. If you don't know what I am talking about see the post below "One Green Eye Please". Anyway, apparently the boys got a bigger kick out of the incident than adults in the story. Or maybe I just get to hear it from their perspective now – after the fact.
Today Knox, Walker and I took Ivey to see the doctor. She had seizures on Monday night so we were hoping to find some cause for the break through. So today we were sitting in the waiting room when a sweet momma with a newborn little girl and her son, probably eight, sat down next to us. The boys started chatting and looking at dingy waiting room books. Then they started exchanging stories.
They were typical boys stories…………….until Walker piped up.
Then he started telling how….we were at the ballgame and my sister's eye….you know the rest. Of course I was looking around the room – trying to distract Walker from his 'story'- praying the mom wasn&#…
Yesterday when I walked into the room this is what I found. One beautiful sleeping princess. One sock in her mouth.

One green eye please

I have a funny story to tell you about Monday night. However, this is my third attempt to try and put it on paper but even retelling the story stumps me and my mind goes blank of all the possible words that would clearly give you the feeling that you were there with us. Also I would like to adequately provide you a visual of the facial expressions of EVERYONE involved. Trust me on this one, there is an array of stumped faces in this story in vast degrees of disbelief, for an ever so brief moment we were all speechless. So I must say, in all my days of knowing this would happen, IN PURE IVEY FASHION, this story is one-of-a-kind and darn near IMPOSSIBLE, FREAK OCCURANCE; however, as you all know, only Our Ivey could drum up this one.
So here goes.
Monday night we went to the Rome Braves Game with our three kiddos, Miranda and Wesley and Haley and David. Great game. Braves won.
So we were leaving the game getting on the elevator to take us down to the parking lot of the stadium. Now let me …

A day at the zoo with CVI

Today was a fun day and one full of memories. A few years ago Matt and I were on our honeymoon on this date. Then the next summer we were celebrating our first year married at the beach. The next summer we were at the beach again, except this time our feet only touched the sand one, maybe two times. We had Knox with us and he was not quite 4 months old – we learned the hard way that babies, sand, hot sun and nursing don't quite mix. So, the next summer we were home on this date, me pregnant with Walker. The memories play like pictures in my head, but there are many times in Ivey's life that things are a little fuzzy, thus so are many other moments of the past two years. So, it is funny how one day recalled can bring about memories.
Today while Matt took the boys fishing, I rummaged through some of my picture boxes. Sometimes I sit amazed at the amount of information my brain can recall about my children, especially Ivey and her medical jargon. I sat devastated at the amount of …

Twilight Zone

Update: Like they say.... "This to shall pass." And it did.Yuck.
There are a few people in this world that I hope to meet some day, one such person being Ivey's GI doctor's nurse. She and I speak on the phone often, but think of the volume of patients she must have (ugh). I am hesitant to admit that there have been times when I called her and did not get her voicemail and she knew it was me before I said my name. Is that a good or bad sign? If this were two years ago, or even one year ago for that matter, I would say that we were walking around leaving our stamp on the world of all of these sweet medical people. But who are we kidding? Back in the day, Nurse GI and I would talk about reflux, feeding schedules, residual, formula volumes, medications, g-tubes, j-tubes, ng tubes and don't forget – poop. As of lately though our phone conversations seem to have taken a slight turn to the bizarre. At the end of the day she either thinks that Ivey is one little girl dete…