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Broadsided at 10:30 on Saturday night....

Sometimes right in the most unexpected moment a prayer gets answered. Literally, right when you don't even have the challenge sitting on your fore brain -where it never seems to leave - poof, the most unexpected happens. It's not the solution to the obstacle we thought we were prepping for, but then again, is it ever, has it ever? Not the solution we were gearing for, we don't even know if it can happen, but potentially the road we were preparing to travel just changed. Nothing is even certain, we are still standing like deer in the headlights this morning, wondering if what we think could happen really might have just presented its self, but a possibly stands before us, one that wasn't there in our wildest dreams......And maybe the prayer's not completely answered, not even close, but the door just cracked open. And sometimes a crack is all you need. Maybe now he's sitting up there looking down on us ... watching.... and wondering what we'll do with …


TURN THE VOLUME UP AND DANCE!!!!!Do you ever wonder what it's like to hang out with a blind person? Or how 'bout someone who is mentally delayed? I know I do. I mean really, I have found myself in some really uncomfortable situations since Ivey was born. When we are with other blind, hard-of-hearing, mentally delayed or physically deformed people I really don't know what to do with myself or how to act with them. What do you say to some one so different from yourself?I guess that's how a lot of people feel around Ivey. I see it on their faces, read it in their eyes.
But I can't answer those questions when it pertains to Ivey.
She is the exception to the rule for me.
Tonight was a girl's night, just me, Ivey and Tara (our dog). All girls. The boys were away at wrestling practice. So we snuggled up to watch our rented movie "The Proposal". Nothing says girls night like a chick flick.
It hit me tonight, that even though we were doing typicall 'girl' …

Lemonade Award

Mom To Three Babies has nominated Ivey's blog for a Lemonade Award. Thank you, thank you. We really hope to be an example of taking lemons and turning them into the sweetest lemonade. Ivey thanks you blog world for following her story, our forever evolving 'new normal', and for sharing in this ride of a lifetime with us. Thanks MOM TO THREE BABIES!

So time to pass the torch and nominate 10 of my favorite blogs, which is hard, because there are so many that I love to read every day! If you are nominated and accept, here's what you do:

The rules of the accepting this award are:

Put the lemonade stand logo on your blog, or in your post. Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude, or gratitude.
Link the nominees within your post.
Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
Share the love, and link to the person from whom you received this award.
Hope you enjoy visiting my blogging friends. They will make you smile!
1. Georgia Mom- Georgia…


Okay. One New Year's resolution still stands. Still first week of the first month of the new year - and it's a snow day. However, still folding clothes as I take them from the dryer. New delima. How to I get those stacks of neatly folded laundry sweetly arranged in baskets to the appropriate room, to appropriate owner, tucked into appropriate drawer - before someone ransacks them?