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Coming to Terms

Today, alongside many days like today, actually, if I'm being honest, there isn't a week that goes by where at least one day doesn't end with an encounter much like today - A day where my daughter and I meet someone like you.  You are the one I dread most in this world.  Let me describe this person, you - especially now that you have dissected my daughter.  There are some people not aware of their own callousness or ignorance, or level of voice for that matter.  Days like today, I get the satisfaction of someone, like you, standing within 3 feet of my daughter, in a situation where we must endure the staring and the mindless nonsense of how sorry "they" feel for "those" people - like Ivey.  They never catch onto body language, or short responses.  They, like you, completely miss my refusal to acknowledge their presence, except for my chosen short, yet, somewhat polite answers to their ridiculous questions.  Only then do I look them directly in the eye, …