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Hold Her Head UP

Okay - anyone who hangs around us is now recruited! O/M came by the house today and left specific instructions ---

We are all now officially in the "Ivey has to hold her head up" club. If you are around and Ivey is looking down just skip on over and place your finger under her chin and sweetly ask her to hold her head up.

And....if you are speaking to Ivey, please encourage her to turn her head to look at you. Ivey must learn to turn to the source of sounds.

If we get these two things under wraps, especially Ivey holding her head up, she will be walking soon. Holding her head up will help her balance!

The giant alligator in the lake...

The entire summer Walker refused to go into any large body of water. Pools, fine, he's like a little fish himself. But absolutely no lakes or oceans!! Made for an interesting summer. His reasoning is pretty easy to understand. If he goes into the ocean a shark might eat him. Logical since we do travel to the Gulf of Mexico that rivals Australia for shark attacks. And, well, the catfish in the lakes could eat him too. Have any of you ever read about catfish and the lakes around this area. There are some places around here that grown men refused to go back into because the catfish were bigger than them. He's a smart boy and doesn't even know it. I guess this lizard running next to the lake might give him another idea.....there are giant alligators in that lake - that could eat him