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What You're Willing To Give Up

To be honest, things have been tough for the last few months. It's hard to explain just why even though I know exactly why. Life has come in the past five years and it's not through yet. And the roller coaster ride has ensued with tosses and turns- loops I never imagined. All angles of life are impacted. To be honest- it sucks.

But one thing I am slowly realizing- where I have been struggling to find my personal self in Ivey's world, beyond that of a primary caregiver to a very special needs child who consumes more time than most would be willing to sacrifice, amongst the life of my past I can't get back to, where I am constantly evaluating my position in comparison to someone else and their assumed successful life of assumed possibilities -that is merely available on appearances -for me a price has been paid in the earnings of giving up freedoms and personal time, hobbies and a career, sometimes there's not even enough air to breath. Most view that as a loss. The…

Special Olympics 2011

Better late than never.  Special Olympics was in the spring.... 

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Challenging the risks or is it risking the challenges?

At the beginning of the summer I met someone who knew about Ivey but they had never met me.  And like many others they have kept up with Ivey through this blog, even though they have never met Ivey in person either, she was someone who knew Ivey as a life force and a miracle in the present.  Upon the meeting, this person quickly assessed me in the living flesh too.  Where I am most noted as being "Ivey's" mother (in most introductions) there is apparently some expectation about who I am because she said,"You are nothing like I expected".  As you can imagine, I am still trying to decipher that little comment.  There are loose ends dangling everywhere off that one. 
No matter the image hanging out there here's what I do know.  I try to give her wings even when fear consumes me.  My husband is exactly the same, which results in two boys having no fear when it comes to their sister.  And I guess we do a pretty good job of pushing fear down in the right moments,…
Thursday, August 11th go to Dairy Queen for your favorite Blizzards to help support Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Yummy!