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It is amazing the things we take for granted.  For me, and Matt, sleep was something we took for granted right up until the moment our sweet girl jumped into our lives.

So it has been 7 1/2 years since we officially slept, real sleep.

When you do without for a couple of nights, normally, you know you need it.  You get grumpy.  Complain.  Make sure you get to bed early at the first chance you get.  All better.

This has been our first chance in years......years.

It's amazing that the world really has started spinning slower.  Really.  time is s.l.o.w.i.n.g down.
We smile more..... at each other.

Our house is ours again.  We go to bed.  When we want to.
We wake up...after 6:00 am.

We miss our nurses.  Tremendously.  But we love our home.

We were married just shy of five years before the sleep deprivation, only if you consider the two boys born before Ivey, then technically we were sleep deprived long before Ivey.  Finally we are well past the newlywed days, but we finally get to s…