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Get on the band wagon -

Here are all of the things that are in the works over here in Ivey Land. Help us out if you can, if not cheer us on. I count my blessings with her and love all of the things about her they may take a little extra time and effort.
Number one must: Introduce yourself to Ivey before you touch her. When introducing yourself, speak to her, tell her who you are, then touch her on the shoulder. When everyone is ready we will work on getting name signs and name cues for you!
Number two must: Let Ivey know when you leave her. Always tell her good-bye.
Now for new things in the works:
Ivey is practicing on keeping her head up. When you are around her ask her to hold her head up to look at you. If your hands are sanitized, J, please tap her under her chin as a prompt.
Ivey is also working very hard on pulling up. Encourage her to stand. Sign stand to her and ask if she would like to stand. Encourage her to pull up on objects not just using your hands.
Ivey has become very …


This past weekend we took Matt to one of his favorite places for breakfast for his birthday. Krispy Kreme. It is funny how the unexpected hits so hard sometimes. We were having a great morning and considering that the closest Krispy Kreme is about an hour from here, we were in prime territory for reality to step in. I cannot help but wonder - Is it just me, or does this happen to other moms? Why?
We pulled into the parking lot and can you believe that there was a party going on in there at 9:30 am, balloons and all… A group of little girls were in there in their PJ's eating donuts. So my question – will this be a possibility for Ivey? Will she have that slumber party? Will there be two car loads of little girls there celebrating her birthday? How does it work? What should I do between now and then? Why is it that my heart breaks at the most unexpected times? Why does it have to be so hard sometimes? Is it because those are times between mothers and daughters? Why is…

treat today as your last day

Hi everyone.
I must apologize that things have dropped off so much lately. But like most people, I have needed to take some time away from blogging. Time has been limited around here. Of course, limited time is good, things are great - Maybe that is part of it. Ivey is growing and so happy right now. Ivey and her brothers are the priority so I hope that you don't mind if I take a few more weeks off. Just know that in the silence here on the computer that it is not quite so silent here at home. Ivey is absolutely loving school! She is really beginning to progress. And as for the boys, they are boys. Actually I have one with a broken arm right now! And my sweet husband is about to turn a milestone birthday in the next couple of weeks. So hang in here with us, but for the first time in a long time - things are normal, of course our normal, but all the same....normal. Oh, and don't give up on the Dawgs, I don't know what is going on with them this season. See you all in a few w…