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'Ivey'tude...when the stool is in her way

Mobility and language.  She is so very 'finished' with the stool in her path.  Not to mention that she is dragging the feeding pump behind her.  Pre-teen life in our house.  She's told me she was 'finished' with me a time or to...Now how to discipline this little creature?


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Teeth & A Port

Given that Ivey has a cleft palate that was pretty severe and extended far into her soft palate, even after repair, and years later, it has left her with some precarious cranial and teeth issues.  So here we are, back at Scottish Rite doing a little OR time to help alleviate some pain and address a few other odds and ends.  And after many years needing a port for immunoglobulin infusions, it has been officially removed.  Infusions have been replaced with Sub-Q infusions.  So away it goes.

The Animal Shelter

The final synopsis.  The dogs were loud.  She didn't even want to talk about the cats.  The snake.  That snake was her favorite.  

Chromosome 21q Partial Deletion Syndrome


I have thrown this title out to you before and given you the general description. Maybe I should try to explain exactly what we have learned about chromosome 21q partial deletion syndrome and symptoms of Ivey's genetic disposition.

When Matt heard this term, he said exactly what you thought. "What?" Keep in mind, Matt was a business major at Georgia. He remains calm and takes in everything.

When I heard this term, my mind went reeling in a completely different direction. I instantly threw myself back into my Genetics class and Medical Terminology, trying to recall pages of genetic syndromes and locate prefixes, suffixes and rootwords. I have found myself doing this very same thing on numerous occasions throughout this journey with Ivey. I have discovered that my background has been both beneficial and almost lethal at times.

My major was Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Somewhere along the way, I tacked on a teaching certificate because I wanted others to…