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Needless to say, this surgery should be no big deal. That is what I keep telling myself. However, it is 11:58 PM, I am still awake and our night nurse has been here for two hours. Tomorrow Stacy and I will travel with Ivey to Scottish Rite for preop with the plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist. Is that normal? It seems like it should be; however, my gut just won't let it be normal. To be honest, I am in a panic. Just ask Tasha or Lowery...they both got an ear full whether they asked for it or not...thank God for FRIENDS. For the first time I have not over planned. No plans. They said it would be outpatient and that is exactly what I am counting on.... I kept looking at Knox tonight. He has beautiful big blue eyes. If you told me I had to hack on his eye in 24 hours I would put up one heck of a fight. However, it seems okay with Ivey. So why am I not putting up the big fight?

So, Stacy and I will take Ivey tomorrow for the once-over and to make sure that she receives the proper amount of anesthesia. It makes me nervous. We will do things differently than before...which is contrary to my mechanics. (This is where Knox gets his persistentness)Tomorrow Ivey's first appointment is at eleven am., then over to day surgery. After that, Knox's first ever T-ball game. So my job, travel to Atlanta and back to enjoy T-ball without distraction, then back to Atlanta for the night. Ivey's job is to tag along. My heart will not let me miss Knox's first ever ball-game...what would you do? Should I put Ivey through so much traveling the day before her surgery?

Ivey is to report for surgery at 6:00 am. Normal. She always reports at that time. That means that we should begin preparing for the day around 4:30 am. I would say that we would get up, but that is not so. Matt and I will take shifts...someone will already be up and going. We will drive to Scottish Rite then 7:30 am is her scheduled surgery time. My question, why does this have to be normal for her? There are some things that I just don't understand. Nevertheless, this should be her last procedure for a long while. Just last week her orthopedic surgeon gave her a great report.

She is a miracle baby. Do you understand how truly blessed you are to be a part of this?

Eight months ago her orthopedic surgeon saw issues on an X-Ray. Hips have a ball-and-socket joint. The ball was missing in her X-ray. Last week it was there, we already knew this because she can stand on her feet-with our assistance. Common since says parts are there. So I pushed it from my mind. When Ivey was born, they thought she was missing her sacrum. Can you believe that? Sitting would be close to impossible without it, let alone anything else. It is there. She is ever trying to sit. I wish you could watch her. The appreciations you would have for simple postures and movements. Her sacrum does have some oddities, but the nerves are developed. The nerves in her legs function.. Maybe she just has slow ossification. (Cartilage turning into bone.) Time will tell. Miracles, it is all about miracles.

So yes, I am once again a little on edge, but wouldn't you be? Over reacting - maybe - but nothing is given. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry. The thought of spending another month away from my boys while my daughter lies miles away from them in a bed is excruciating. I know it will not happen. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility. I just ask that you all say a short prayer tomorrow and Friday. Pray that our family stays intact this go around. It is funny, when I have spoken on the phone with both family and friends, they have both said the same things. How long will you be there? Really? It is outpatient? Let us know if things change? We are here if you need us. Maybe it is not just me. So, you are all on call over the weekend. Don't make too many plans and answer your phones.

Just kidding.

Officially, I want to thank Stacy and Christa. Stacy is amazing. Christa is, well, Christa. If I had known that Christa would be such a vital part of our lives five years ago when she was sitting in my classroom, I would not have believed you. Today, she is family, no blood necessary.

So, if Matt happens to read this - yes, I am over reacting. You knew I over reacted when you married me. I hold it together when it really counts. I would not trade this crazy life. In 50 years, we will look back and say "Wow, what a great life..."

For the rest of you...thanks for joining us along the way.


Willingham13 said…
We will continue to pray that Ivey's surgery goes as planned.

Good luck with Knox's first T-ball game. You are not crazy for wanting to be there but a wonderful mom for being there.

We are excited about Ivey's first birthday!

Remember that we are only a phone call away if you need us.

Sending all of our love,
Morgan, Monica and Haven
Connie Barris said…
"I AM" so that you don't have to be.....

Praying for miracles because I know they happen.

Ivey is one

Renee said…
Wow, Gwen, I'm praying for you all today and Friday. I hope and pray this is a very speedy surgery and recovery time. No surgery is ever easy - especially when it involves your precious ones. My stomach turns in knots when our second son has to go under to get his tubes put back in or his tonsils out. I cannot even imagine all of the natural feelings you have gone through and thoughts you have had. But your story is amazing! And so is your testimony. Thanks for putting it all out there and sharing.

Enjoy the ball game too! :)
Lei said…
I hope it goes well and you are able to be all places you want to be. I don't blame you for not wanting to miss your son's t-ball game... it will help you to feel normal amidst the chaos of Ivey's surgery.
LeslieAnn said…
No, you aren't over-reacting. You are being a MOTHER. A great one.

Ivey is working miracles inside that little body every day of her life. One thing I learned with Jack and I have said over and over and over...

Believe the diagnosis. Not the prognosis.

I want to shout from the rooftops- no one knows what our children are (or aren't) capable of until they show us.

Big hugs from across the miles...

Not overreacting, just being a mom!

I got an adorable invitation in the mail today . . . We'll be having Addie's party at the same time! Your invitation is on is way to you, for Ivey's keepsake. How fun that their birthday parties are on the same day!

We'll be praying for y'all tomorrow. Let us know when it's over!! :)

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