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A thinking award

Who would have thunk it?

Katherine at Raising Five has passed this along to me (A THINKING BLOGGER AWARD). Sweet Ivey got her thinking today. I always love reading her posts. To start with, Katherine has five children, not so much aspiring for THAT goal at the present time; however, I admire her for her family values and limitless abundance of patience. It is a hoot to keep up with her. She has one great adventure after another each and every day. She keeps things short, sweet and to the point. She is a genuine and real person.

Katherine has explained that the idea is to Pay it Forward to 5 people who have made you THINK through their blogging.This award has some rules:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme
3. Optional: Proudly display the Thinking Blogger Award with a link to the post you wrote.

There are several blogs that I love to read. Some I read for fun, others because they seem like family, but here are five that always make me think……

Somehow I met LeslieAnn through this blog world. She has a great blog devoted to her son Jack. She is one of my ‘so this is normal’ friends that I have never met. LeslieAnn gets it. Her son is one amazing little guy with a great story of his own to tell. There is always something going on in their home that will just make you smile.

In The Midst of It
If you know me and I mention the name Sarah, well then you know just who I am talking about. Our daughters started their lives out within weeks of one another. We have helped one another through some rocky times. I love it that there is someone else out there with two wild boys and one sweet princess to remind me just how great my life really is - everyday!

Little Red Heart From God
Connie keeps life in focus. She loves Christ and devotes her time to loving other people. She speaks words of encouragement everyday.

Embracing My Cup
I first read Erin’s blog because I loved the name so much. I love the idea of embracing my cup and my portion. Erin always focuses on the positive in her life. Often when I read her posts I leave thinking ‘I should really be thankful today’. She always reminds me of the important things.

Lighthouse Parents
I like to read this blog to keep my feet on solid ground. She is a reinforcement to live in the present and truly enjoy where I am right this moment. This blog helps to find our direction in this unchartered territory with Ivey. This is one of the more grounding blogs that I read about parents and their special needs children.


Borbe Bunch said…
Hi Gwen,
Thanks for stopping by :)
A Happy Easter to your family also!
I enjoyed all the precious pictures of your kiddos, so sweet! Ivey looks very loved!

I have yet to hear from the doc about weight gaining info....I have called...she was on vacation, such is life trying to get in contact with docs, which you are well aware of, I am sure!

I enjoy your blog and your heart as a mom, you make me think and ponder, your words that I read come back to me often, in the moments of parenting my little special guy, Ezzy.

As OUR b-day approaches, I think and pray for sweet Ivey...give love to my birthday buddy! :)

erin said…
Wow! Thanks so much, Gwen!! I feel the same way about your posts. They are always very thought provoking. You definitely deserve this award!! You have a way of writing that makes me feel like I am going through life with you, feeling what you are feeling, etc. Thanks for sharing your life with us! And, thanks again for thinking of me.
Connie Barris said…
You are definitely deserving....Your words always bless my heart and stir my soul..

your words have totally humbled me.

and now....I don't have a clue what it all means being new to the blog world... isn't that funny..

but your words mean the world to tell me if I'm suppose to buy a dress and prepare for a speech.. just kidding...

thank you so much
Connie Barris said…
ps...I think I have it figured out now Gwen...(I really didn't know)

thank you ... How precious and honored I really am..

I will honor the award...

LeslieAnn said…


That is a very high honor, because it came from you...someone I truly admire.

I'm off to think of my 5!

Thank you Gwen for your sweet words! What's funny is that I just found out somebody else had given me this, and I thought of you first to give it to! I haven't written my post yet--things are crazy here this week! Caiden brought up Ivey in a conversation yesterday--I love that even he knows who she is! She's amazing, and so are you :)
Hey Gwen, thanks for passing on more great blogs to read! I'm amazed at how many awesome ladies I've met here "somehow" - a link to a link to a link. A wonderful "web" of friendship, don't you think?

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