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A Boring Week?

I was ready to send out a great update, but it seemed like things were a little too boring this past week. Here are some random things that have taken place over here......

It is sometimes hard to imagine that our three children came from the same two parents. You would think they would have more similarities, not so much. Knox is our typical first born. Matt swears that his idiosyncrasies come from me, I beg to differ. If he looks like Matt bore him into this world (with the exception of blonde hair) surely he must act like him too. Ivey is her own little bundle of sweetness and apparently she got a double dose of hard-headedness and determination from both Matt and I. Just yesterday she jumped a few more hurdles. During her PT session she managed to cross mid line (reaching her hand to opposite foot), a goal that eleven months ago would have not been considered a possibility for her. So there worst case scenarios - she is out to prove everyone wrong! Maybe her new theme song should be 'Against All Odds'. Now, onto Walker. Let's give him his own paragraph.

Walker is undoubtedly our wild card. Keep in mind he walked around for months introducing himself as "Wildman". And, he came up with that one all on his own. Just a couple of weeks ago he fell face first in his own poop. Another moment that only Walker could manage. Matt and I know that our future with Walker is going to incredibly interesting. Only a couple of months ago, Walker came into our room at 5:30 AM to stand in front of my face to tell me that he loves God. Where did that come from? So, Sunday when we walked into church Walker was full of interesting questions. Here is a sample. "Daddy, where is God?". Matt, "He is all around and in your heart". "Daddy, is God my Godfather"? Matt, "No, your Godfather is sitting near the front, do you see him"? We were sitting in the very last pew, so that we can manipulate Ivey without as much distraction. For some reason there was a ladder lying behind the pew. Then... "Daddy, does God climb ladders"?

So, this week has been fun with therapies, T-ball, preschool, planning our last first birthday, playdates and lots of other things. But, maybe it is fun only to us...


Linda said…
Your Walker sounds like my Sophia. She is full of questions and energy also. I love to plan, so I think the things in your life sound wonderful to me! ENJOY!
erin said…
Have fun planning your last first birthday party!!!!! Fun for you! And, your wildman sounds adorable to me!! Gotta love a curious child!!

I will be praying for Ivey on Friday! No superstitions here!! But, I will say you made me wonder. . . I am 36 weeks. I usually go early. . . I could have a Friday the 13th baby!!!
Barbie said…
We too have a little Walker, our Kiera. I think the middle ones tend to be that way.... my husband is a middle child too:)

And way to go Ivey.... I love that she is doing things they never thought she could!

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