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Ivey's Little Piggies

Ivey is still in surgery. We are anxiously waiting.
Stacy took these sweet pictures yesterday during pre-op.


Aunt Boo said…
She is precious.

I don't comment much but I read often. I pray that things go well for Ivey, she is beautiful little girl. You have a beautiful family, I know you are proud.

Amanda D.
I love the piggy picture! She looks fantastic! I'm praying the surgery is over and went well--let us know later today how it went!
Connie Barris said…
I have to teach her what we taught our kids...
OK.. are you ready...?? I doubt it

start with the little toe..
Little pee, pee da lou, lou da whistle, ossle nossle, and GREAT BIG gobble gobble....

No kid can resist...

But I think her aunt Connie has to do it...

Sweet kisses to her and the boys
and hugs to you guys
Mom to 4 said…
I don't write much either, but I do read often too. I am praying for Ivey today. I hope everything goes as expected. She is beautiful!
LeslieAnn said…
Yay! I love Ivey pictures!

Can't wait to hear how her surgery went!

Thinking of you!

erin said…
Absolutely precious! I was just checking in for a surgery update. I have been thinking of Ivey today. The post below this one is so good, Gwen. You have such a great outlook on your sweet life. Let us know how the t-ball game went, too! What a mom! Your children (and husband) are truly blessed!
Alison said…
Praying that it is finished and that things are good! She looks adorable! Way to entertain yourself while waiting!!!

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