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So, I did it. At five thirty Wednesday morning, I was up leaning over a crib singing Happy Birthday to a sleeping baby who had no idea that I was there, which is as it should be. That is when it happened. God gave me one answer to one of the million questions that I have.

I found the reason for my unanswered prayer.

This past week I relived every moment of one year ago. It started with what I was doing the days before she was born, what I did the night before she was born, the start of labor, the trip to the hospital, the delivery room and her birth. Then at five thirty in the morning, it all stopped. There were no more memories to relive. At that moment all I had was right then - that moment - no past and no future - there was only pure happiness and relief. A burden instantly lifted. The hard year ended.

So my birthday princess had one great day of celebrating. The grandparents came over for lunch.

The boys gave Ivey presents that they picked out all on their own for her. And wouldn’t you know that they wanted Ivey to have a pink hat, pink lasso, pink vest and a pink horse. However, Wal-Mart may be your one stop shopping center, but not for the Sirmans’ boys. Knox settled on a red cowgirl hat and Walker picked out a pink My Little Pony. Ivey is one of the boys now.

After lunch we moved the party on over to Matt’s office for a G&G celebration. I could write a book about the wonderful things that G&G has done for our family. They have all loved our family like we were their own, and in some ways, we are. Their miracles never seem to end. So, we took the party to them on Ivey’s birthday because Ivey is always surrounded by love there. We wanted to thank them for all they have done for us over the past year(s). And once again, I left there speechless and humbled. G&G is made up of some amazing individuals!
Here is a picture of their gift to Ivey. The gift is in the picture in the picture in the right hand corner (I know, it is too small to see.)

It is a piano.
If that did not give you chills, I’ll say it again. They gave Ivey a p.i.a.n.o.

Are you speechless now?

What dreams they have for our sweet girl.

And that is the introduction into Ivey’s New Year. Where a year ago we could not envision the future, good or bad, now Ivey’s possibilities are limitless. One year ago, we were prepared to loose her before the first year ended. We did not think we would see her turn one and if she did, she was to be profoundly mentally retarded and full of medical trivia. Ivey is far from those things. Can you see the smile on her face? No one factored in what a lot of faith, love, prayer and hardheadedness will do. The combination of the four can perform no less than a miracle.

So what do I see in our upcoming year? I think we will have a blind miracle crawling around our house. Enter now the terms - baby proofing like you have never seen. I think Ivey will begin to eat some on her own. Eventually Ivey will sit and stand without assistance. This year two old dogs will begin to learn some new tricks. Matt and I will learn a little sign language and braille so that we may begin to teach Knox, Walker and Ivey. It is scary and exciting all at the same time. This year I know that our family will never do any of these things alone - we are surrounded. Oh, and it looks like Ivey will teach her momma how to play the piano.


Whitney said…
How wonderful! Happy birthday sweet Ivey. May your next year be as full of joy and amazement as your first! We can't wait to hear all about it!

Lei said…
Oh you have so many wonderful things to look forward must be so happy! Happy bday Miss Ivey! And is that you holding her? You are beautiful!
JenMom said…
Gwen- I am so glad I had not read this post before I saw you last night b/c I would have cried all over you! What an AMAZING, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE little princess who continues to teach us all a whole lot about life, miracles and hope. SOOOO glad you got your 5:30 moment. Here's to many, many more!
Connie Barris said…
Your life humbles me over and over again....

And leaves me speechless...

Thank you Abba...

Renee said…
Looks like you all had a great time celebrating! And a piano?!?! Wow! That is great. May God bless you all with many, many more sweet years with Ivey.
Eric said…
Once again what a beautiful beautiful post you wrote, Gwen for your precious little Ivey. And yes I see the smile..... what a blessed, blessed little girl!
Okay, Gwen, I expected to feel a lot at Ivey's one year mark, but I didn't expect to cry through your entire post. The piano part did me in--what a blessing! Hope is amazing, and it can do amazing things to the spirit :)

That girl is something else. I don't even have the right words for her, short of "blessing." Happy birthday, Ivey!!

And Gwen, you look beautiful in your picture with her--how are you holding up under the party planning stress? I'm reading to run away :)
No words to comment. Just a sigh and a few tears and quiet gladness for all your joy.
LeslieAnn said…
Your picture with Ivey made me tear up! You are both so. happy. !

It's exciting to have so much to look forward to! It can be scary and overwhelming, but I'm always amazed at how supportive everyone is when it comes to Jack! Our kids are so fortunate to be here at a time when we have so much to offer them and so many people cheering them on...

And the ultimate support is when our friends don't put boundaries or limits on our babies and give them PIANOS for their first birthdays! WOW!

Happy Birthday, Ivey ♥ !
erin said…
Happy Belated Birthday to sweet Ivey!!! How fun that our children share their birth-day!!

What a year you all have had! And, I feel blessed to have been able to walk through part of it with you - even if it is at a distance. May God bless this next year and the years to come!!

Sweet Ivey, you are so loved!!!!
Aunt Boo said…
What an awesome post, thank you.

Did you make it Gwen? I thought about you Sunday as we were having our own celebration and wondered how you were holding up! I hope it went really, really well!
K 3 said…
Ivey, Hope you had a great Birthday! You have a wonderful, loving family and friends ... God bless you!

Gwen, you are truly wonderful, I am humbled by your presence! I reached here randomly, but am sure to stay.
Harbin said…
Hey, you probably don't remember me. You used to baby sitt for me. ijust wanted to say CONGRAGULATIONS to you and your family! p.s.-Ivey is sooo cute!!

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