September 29, 2013

A Race.

Last weekend Ivey, through the eyes, ears, lungs and legs of her brothers, completed another R.A.C.E Rome triathlon, this one to benefit the Open Door Home.  

Am I proud of them?  Absolutely.  

I am proud that Ivey has found a stable spot in her life.  That spot is something deep inside her.   

As for the boys, I am proud of their hard work and finishing each race - for their own perseverence.  Ivey is merely the cherry on top.  

As a spectator, it is interesting to hear different comments as the three of them move through the race.  
Yes, they are amazing.  But to me they are amazing because they are my babies.  

BUT.  The boys pulling Ivey through the race, for me, not so amazing.  

They do with her because they love her and they know no other way.  

Literally, they don't know or remember a life without her.  

A "typical" life I know.  Matt knows.  As for the boys - this is it.  
There are no memories of any other way or choice, no before.  For them it is - always and forever.  

They, just like every other aspect of their life, race differently.  They race the way kids do when their sibling requires -  different.  

During the races, the spectators are reminded of the value of "normalcy".  The value of our "typical"  abilities become more valuable.  

I am proud of the sportsmanship.  I am proud of our community.  I am proud of the school that hosts this race.  And I am proud to be their mom.  


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Cara Lord said...

Hi! I crossed paths with you a few years ago at deaf blind conference. I also have a son with special needs. You were one of the only other parents there and your story about Ivey stuck. For whatever reason you all crossed my mind tonight and I was so happy to find your blog. Her story continues to be amazing!!! You are an amazing mom and I love how your supportive your family is! I understand very well how day to day life with a special needs child can be challenging.. Sending prayers your way! Your family and Ivey are an inspiration, thank you for sharing her life story :)

Cara Lord