August 16, 2013

Summer Re-Cap 2013 (Very Brief)

Top Sail, North Carolina (Camp Lejeune) with Taylor and Craig.   Frightening amount of huge shark teeth on that beach.

St. Simons with the Griffeths'.  
This is a handy-dandy gift from Santa.  She fits weight wise but she is so long.  But, good workout for the daddy.  I apologized to her in advance for the crazy hair.  I put sunscreen everywhere, so those curls get a little messy.

 Snuggling with the brother.  (She is almost as long as he is.)
 Standing in the stander with her new back brace.  Loves it!
 Birthday party for our Ava. (Ava is the one in the construction gear.  All girl, but note she is the only girl besides Ivey, so she's just one of the guys. )

 Again, St. Simons with the Griffeths'.  Godparents are the bestests!  (I know that's grammatically incorrect.)

 Griffeths' amazing dog.  Would not leave her side the entire time.  And lots and lots and lots of puppy kisses.  Ivey gave him the Heizman.

 We go nowhere without a toothbrush.  (her favorite "toy"."  Good hygiene.)
 See, kisses galore.

 Ava's birthday.  Notice she is in heels.  What girl wouldn't wear heels and construction gear?

 More brother.

 Adults only.  Bahamas with our awesome friends "The Milfords".  Shark Week aired the following week.  Good thing.  I would not have put a toe in the water.  Needless to say, all the falls off the paddle board ended with me screaming thinking a shark would eat me.  (great fear thanks to one marine biology class.)
 More stander.  Such a big girl!

Ivey is NOT a snuggler, but when it is your Godmother, the rules don't apply to her.  I don't know what I would do without these two girlies.  (and Ava)

 I can't get over the pink sparkly heels! (not to mention the goggles.)

 The boys at the lake with our awesome neighbors.  Love them.

 And ... exhaustion from one very busy summer.  Note:  no pictures of a hospital...... the first of many "normal" summers for us....FINALLY!

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What a great summer!