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The Un-teach-able

There are alot of things that I would love to take credit for - alot. But when it comes down to it, I have absolutely no influence..... None. Notta.

Like this morning, Walker was up first (before Knox and Ivey) and came into Ivey's bedroom where Matt and I were (after changing of the guards with the nurse). Unfortunately it was time to get the day going. So Matt went one direction to get ready for work and I went the other to get uniforms out for school. In the meantime, Walker took Matt's place next to Ivey to keep her company while she slept and while I got the clothes.

This is what I came back to at 6:30 am this morning - Ivey still fast asleep with Walker sporadically reading what he could to her from the Lorax.
The photos I snuck before he realized it -
And this...Ivey's clothes out for the day - complements of Walker.

One black and white striped shirt.
One pair of polka-dotted pants.
One pair of socks.
Without fail- she wore this outfit to school.
She was sound asleep, but I hope his voice sent her sweet dreams. I hope she felt him near her and drifted into a deeper sleep full of security and comfort. I hope that these moments carry on throughout their lives together, always, that they forever remember these times. Both of them.
But without utter fail, these are qualities you just can't teach - I can't teach - these are qualities of the heart.


What a beautiful post... what a beautiful boy... What a beautiful moment you captured... Thanks for sharing x
Rhonda Miller said…
What a loving big brother. How sweet.
Zoey's mom said…
Another incredible little guy you have there Gwen.Really and truly incredible.

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