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To tell you the truth - I don't know which one is having more fun, Lori or Ivey -

When I look at pictures like this, I realize how little I talk about Ivey's League and exactly what and who they are.  But part of me holds back from talking about them because their time with Ivey is just that, their time.  For a brief moment when they are with her I am the outsider.  Ivey is a very blessed little girl surrounded by a rainbow of people with a variety of personalities.  She gets a real taste of life, real life from them.  I sit as an outsider and see so many kids like Ivey secluded and even more often they may be involved but with limited access provided by parents alone.  Not Ivey - she is surrounded. 

The best way I have ever found to describe their role in her life is that - they give her something to live for.  And on the flipside they are rewarded by unconditional love. 

It is things like ballet that become possible for Ivey.  And under normal circumstances it would be easy to say that something like ballet is an activity she "can't" do, but to the contrary they are proving that evidence wrong. Oh, it is challenging.  Very challenging.  They have to think outside of the box.  They are learning the ways of this deafblind girl with extra challenges tacked onto her, but they see past those things.  It is not easy.  Honestly, nothing in Ivey's life is easy, but that is part of her beauty, she has a way of bringing out the best in us, by challenging us to BE OUR BEST.  And best doesn't always mean the best, but really the best we can be in challenges and difficult situations, times we find ourselves uncomfortable or uncertain. She pulls the real 'us' out of ourselves.  That is when she makes us shine.  She is more often than not, intimidating - in a good way - she makes us question ourselves.  And I am trying to do what is best by staying out of their way.  They are brainstorming and thinking trying to figure out how exactly to include her.  It is so hard sometimes.  But that is the beauty.  So many areas of Ivey's life need my utmost concentration and undivided attention.  Not this one.  They have her best interest at heart - and that is all that matters.  They will figure it out. 

In the end - the goal isn't for Ivey to do a dance, no, the GOAL is for Ivey to know she has someone to dance with - and that is ALL that will ever matter to me and Matt.  That is our destination +


Jennifer said…
<3 Beautiful...Just beautiful!!! <3
Anonymous said…
This touched me. I'm so glad there are people who surround Ivey with love and support so she can be involved in our community with other children her age and have a good time connecting. It brought tears for hope and joy to my heart.
tekeal said…
the goal isn't for Ivey to do a dance, no, the GOAL is for Ivey to know she has someone to dance with

this is one of the most beautiful things i've heard.
Abby said…
Absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see her tutu!
Lori Barfield said…
Definitely me. You can tell cause I've got the goofy grin going on! Love that child. Thanks for letting me go with her.
Anonymous said…
This is so awesome! I love seeing Miss Ivey at her ballet class - what a Dancing Queen!

Love your honesty, as always :)
Love, Jill
Zoey's mom said…
I am speechless...

These pictures literally make me cry tears of joy.

Miss Ivey,I just love you so.From afar maybe,but I do indeed love you so!

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