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A girl and her beads

I am adding two pictures to this post. These are the new Christmas stockings. The red dots above their names are their names in BRAILLE.

This is our Elf on the Shelf 'Tinko'. If you don't have one, I seriously suggest you look in to them.

Now let's move on to my sweet girl and her beads.....

Just wanted you all to see how well Ivey's motor skills are developing. She is gaining such coordination. We have attached several objects to Ivey's carrier for her to play with. We have been doing this for sometime, but she has really started showing preferences over certain toys. She is into ribbon right now, maybe it's the silky feel. We attach objects, mainly household objects, with various textures to the ribbon. Without a doubt, her favorite object is her blue beads. It amazes me at her dexterity to shuffle through the web of handing objects and ribbons to find her blue beads. (I guess it is not much different than any of us shuffling through the dark abyss of our purses looking for change, keys or cellphones. We do every day without thinking about it and find exactly what we are looking for.)

This short little clips shows so many wonderful things happening in Ivey's life right now. She has turned another corner. It is great. To the rest of the world, this is just a video clip of a baby playing in a carrier. To me and you it show one happy baby capable of entertaining herself. It shows the connections in her brain firing away. Most importantly, there is one smart little cookie who knows exactly what she wants. She must be a girly girl at heart.


How great that was to see:) She is doing wonderful and yes I too think she is a girlie girl at heart:)
Renee said…
I love the stockings, and I just read about the elf on the shelf somewhere today. I cannot get the video to work, so I'll check back later. Can't wait to see her busy hands at work. :)
Kelly said…
How precious! She loves those beads, doesn't she?

What a busy girl:-)
Tink said…
Thank you for sharing, that is the BEST girly girl video!! She is very well coordinated and she knows what she wants! Too cute!
Just Tera said…
So great to see. I love the stockings what a clever idea I'm ashamed I havent thought of it myself!
Alison said…
Happy tears here...perhaps having something to do with the music playing as I watched. What a girl!!!
I love the stockings...

she is growing so quickly...and she's doing so well,,, it just warms my heart... and your boys are just the best!!

They will be her protectors...

Merry Christmas to your family Gwen,

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